“I Was Abused, Too!”…

Date: March 23, 2014

…Paedophile Peter Truong says he ‘misses his son’…

…Paedophile Peter Truong says he ‘misses his son’…

…Original News Article…

…Original News Article…

“Convicted child sex offender Peter Truong has said that he was a victim of paedophilia and that he missed his son in an exclusive interview from a prison in Florida.

Truong, from Queensland, and his American partner Mark Newton bought their son Adam* for $8000 in 2005. Truong and Newton together groomed Adam for sexual abuse, filming nearly every minute of the boy’s life.

The pair also flew Adam around the world for other men to abuse – the pages in Adam’s passport were full by the time he was three-years-old. After worldwide investigations into an online child pornography ring, both Truong and Newton were convicted of child sex offences in US courts in 2013.”

What I find most incredulous about the “I was abused, too” plea…is that the implication, is that they want us to believe their abuse was so horrible, so traumatic, so life decimating and so absolutely understood and familiar to themselves [along with all the extreme reasons not to do it]…that when they found themselves in a position to visit the same things onto another human being, they just could not help themselves but to dive in, and go on their own spree.

Yes…I know that humans often do not make sense in their own behavior…but something like this…

…something that allegedly makes the victims sick…traumatized, and unable to deal with life…with issues…left with crippling disorders…

The reasons may be many and vast…but there are people maladjusted from abuse…including sexual…even if, for some it is more rooted in the belief that they were abused.

I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around it, whenever someone tries to claim that they were horribly abused themselves, especially in a case like this, where sex acts [maybe even sexual intimacy] is involved, and gone to great lengths to attain…It comes off totally incredulous, that someone who allegedly experienced such a completely horrible thing first hand, would not only neglect fighting such a completely horrible thing…but that they would choose to perpetuate such a completely horrible thing

…Doesn’t this make them infinitely worse, and their actions far more heinous?

If they honestly believe what they are claiming, it makes them the devil that knows all depths of what he is doing…and they charge forward, to visit it upon another person.

…and how can they get past all of that personal trauma and revulsion, to create an environment for submerging themselves and another child into the same thing?

It makes no sense…Genuine, deep trauma does not make you want to repeat, those experiences which traumatized you…If anything, you run away from them.

This guy sounds like he is in extreme denial, over a number of things.

…For the record…I try to be open minded, but I do believe purchasing a child for sex, and for the purpose of prostituting that child, is a dead wrong thing to do, amongst the lowest of ethical qualities. That is not an intelligent way, to teach any child to conduct their sexuality. A kid who thinks sex is simply something that happens whenever people get together, or as a business transaction, is likely to end up with something [or someone] that kills them.

…Bouncing a three year old around in the beds of strangers?…Good grief!…

…And that guy thinks he is better?

I’m not going to imply the child was ever tortured…but to my mind, these two guys are not better, than those they are locked up with.

They need to be in prison.

…I may have missunderstood, below…

…I may have missunderstood, below…

Was this guy a “victim of pedophilia” because of things happening in his own childhood…or is he trying to imply, that he was “victimized by pedophiles” because he discovered and embraced a wider pedophile culture?

It would be quite unique, for an adult to claim that he was more recently made a “victim of pedophilia”, because he was told it was okay to do something and he chose to go along with it…and got badly burned, for the choices he made.

To be honest…that is just strange.

It sounds extremely bogus, also…Not unlike that report a few years back, about the guy who wanted to be let off after sucking a five year old boys boner…because the boy playfully asked him to do it, and it was in this guys nature to be playful like that…

I think people should not be rushed off to a prison cell, for many of the things they get imprisoned for these days…and I cannot blame people for grasping at any possible escape…but some of these outright denials of what appears to be the obvious, are absolutely zany.

…Or, maybe I should look on the optimistic side…and concede that if any one of these cases ever gained traction, or got overturned on the merits of said arguments…this might open up a wonderful can of worms, which some of us could exploit…provided we lived in the relevant jurisdictions.

Still…”I didn’t know any better, when pedophiles told me it was okay to do this…So it’s their fault, not mine!”…That is a totally new argument, in the blame game against pedophiles…I’ve not seen it before, anyway.

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