Standing For Something…

Date: April 22, 2014

…What do you stand for in all of this?…

…What do you stand for in all of this?…

…I come here because…

  • Under no circumstances should people who have been forced to forgo their own natural rights, be expected to relinquish their ability to talk about the impact of this and what they want for the future.
  • Under no circumstances should people who have stripped others of their natural rights, be allowed to live in the ignorant fantasy that they have not deeply and intimately violated others.
  • Even if we accept the “greater good of society” argument…once voice and expression of those on the short end of the stick gets silenced, this is no longer a situation where legitimate decisions and conclusions even can be made. Any decisions to tare something out of the lives of some class of people, is invalid and not a decision of the population…because many of the effected and concerned segments of that population, have been omitted from the very process of social arbitration. They typically don’t even get concessions or recognition, for what they have lost and what has been done to them.
  • People suffering this fate need and deserve the dignity, to hold, live and promote their own social identity.
  • They also need a social framework of peers, who can advise them…people who know what they are going through…

    I come here and go other places, because one of the things sorely missing in this world…is the voice of the Child Lover and Teen Lover…indeed, the voice of the child and the teen…My experience is that this social imbalance needs to be corrected…So, I live this social change by adding to that missing voice.

    Now…it may be true that I am guilty of mostly showing up here, to share thoughts about social and sexual issues…or just to soak in some social companionship with old friends…

    …but I’ve always believed that we should fundamentally be here for the Child Lovers and Teen Lovers [be they BoyLover or Girl-Lover], who are in need or peril…I think, as a group with some sort of resources and wherewithal…that is our first issue of stewardship…being a human port, for those of us who have nowhere else to go.

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