Hell House…


Date: May 12, 2014

…SnagFilms: Hell House…

Back when I was in high school, it seems like that was when I first remember hearing about this “hell house”. I may have seen some type of graphical depictions of it previously…but yesterday is the first time I really sat down and watched an in depth documentary on it.

Some of the behaviors documented in this movie…if they were not being done in the name of Jesus Christ, or some other widely accepted social trend…they would literally be looked upon, as some form of mental illness…

I strongly suspect, even amongst the religious…most would recognize much of what is going on in this documentary, as being cultish style behavior.

Watching this…I realize, as I have most of my life, that various sects of religion are modern proof…that just about anything…any belief or practice, can be institutionalized into our culture. Even if it is poorly constructed…it just needs to reach that tipping point, where enough people are reaffirming it amongst themselves…

…This explains why so many improbable, and sometimes crazy, stories get repeated, in attempts to convince people of the rightness of religion…and by entirely serious people, who maintain a straight face.

It does not matter how impossible something may factually be…so long as enough people agree to ignore the fact, that something is impossible…Because that group of people professes belief, more individuals feel justified in believing, also.

I feel most badly for the kids in this documentary…

…Formerly being a kid in that general type of setting…I can vouch for the fact, that they really are haplessly set up, in all of this. Many of them do not even conceive of anything different, outside what that church has taught them to believe…which is why we see some of them speaking about “the evils” of today, in a very matter of fact manner. They get taught these sorts of things all of their lives, right alongside [and in the exact same environment] where they learn math, social studies, grammar, science…much of which is melded with [and sometimes corrupted by] religion, in the special textbooks and materials which get used to teach.

You are not really allowed to question or deny religious beliefs of the elders…and you are kept so deeply cocooned in that isolated environment, that you just don’t form any normal, healthy links with the outside world.

A lot of us have a harder time functioning in the world, because of this…We are not prepared to actually go out into, deal with and live in, the real world. On the contrary…this experience genuinely hobbles you…especially if you leave the church, and you don’t even have that support structure anymore.

You know…it’s not that I am against the existence of religion…and I do understand it’s allure…

…It’s that I am tired of these religious organizations, which behave as though they own other human beings…or as though it were okay, that they conduct business like “the borg”…and they see nothing wrong, with robbing people of their individuality, interests and pursuit of personal needs, in the interest of serving the organization’s rigid social goals.


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