I Want to Tell You Something…


Date: May 13, 2014

…SnagFilms: I Want to Tell You Something…

This is an interesting documentary from the Netherlands, I believe…It’s been a few weeks ago, since I actually watched this…so, I may have some brain fog regarding some details.

I feel I should give a nod to one BoyChatter, who mentioned this film years ago…the name of whom, I honestly do not recall…But I found this movie on SnagFilms…and decided I should watch it.

What is very interesting about this, is cultural differences…and how some of the things done/said in this movie, might come off as unthinkable in the USA.

One such instance, is how the mother describes her son, who was born deaf, as having been pathetic and sad…Of course, she wasn’t trying to be mean or devalue her child…she was just being blunt about the situation, after learning of his disability and the life he would face…

Another scene, we see him [I guess he is six years old, if I recall right], and his younger brother being offered alcohol [wine] at the dinner table…and they both drank some of it…and commented about liking it…The mother even explicitly says to them, “this is not just for adults”…

That last scene alone, is enough to get parents locked up and the children removed from their home…provided it happens here, in the USA.

This film has a few golden nuggets, of the diverse realities in human life…of how things are not so universal.

Well…I hope you enjoy this film…It is about the family of a child born without the ability to hear…and their struggles with it…over whether to seek a surgical treatment, which might allow him to hear.


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