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Date: June 04, 2014

01) TIME magazine: The Transgender Tipping Point

The transgendered community is an easier to digest “next step”, when it comes to social tolerance.

Maybe it is not fair…but their general situation has less heated complexities than ours.

Necrophiliacs and zoophiles?…

…It can feel like a considerably hard slap in the face as a pedosexual, when confronting the possibility that these groups could attain social freedom, in the face of us simultaneously losing ground…or even just being held in a stagnant position. It could be seen as demeaning, and an outrage that such open minded tolerance, such as it would take, is still being denied to us who are attracted to our own species…and the living.

If you listen to some zoophiles…they come right out and proclaim themselves “the next”, or even “the last remaining”, sexual minority to be liberated.

For what it is worth…I say, let them have their posturing, and even their superiority complex…

Truth be told…if they manage to break through the wall of prohibition and intolerance, the culture will have changed so much…it would seem unbelievable, that such a culture would maintain draconian censorship and oppression against pedosexuals even just discussing their social plight.

In my opinion…that is a positive direction.

Transgendered…we are seeing the question of allowing small children to embark upon the path, of changing their physical sex…That is a pretty huge thing, in terms of how we think about a child’s sexual rights, and a child’s rights with their own body.

…I think we should embrace and support this, on the grounds that it is advancing greater sensitivity, to a child’s personal rights to body and identity.

My only caveat, is that the whole transgendered concept, as someone else here alluded to…may be more of a push back, against social gender roles…than a literal need to go under the knife, and change your physical genitals, etc…

Maybe I am wrong about that…or, maybe this is just the way humans naturally are…Some will always identify with the opposite sex.