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Noah Embraced Queerness and Sexuality Since Childhood…

Date: June 15, 2014

Thank you for this gem of a find, Shrink Wrap!

01) BoyChat Post

“I was the queerest kid that I’ve ever met that I think anyone has ever met. I came out of the womb, ready to go. And not just queer but also super sexual and I don’t really know where that came from. And I don’t think anyone really does. And when I say that, my first memories and my first urges and desires were wanting to have sex with men.

I think everyone’s story is important to share, I think the more that we tell our story, especially stories that are maybe strange or not the status quo or maybe even a little bit scary, for someone to say that I was a sexual child, I think a lot of people think like 1, that is a lie, kids can’t be sexual, or 2, there’s something wrong with you, or 3, you were abused. So I think that for me telling my story, I’ve talked about this before, I’ve written about this, and I can’t tell you how many people have found me and said, “I had the exact same experience, no one’s ever said that before.” So I think the more we start telling our stories, the less scary it is for people, and the more we can accept each other for who we are, and sort of all come to the table and say, “This is me, maybe it’s not who you were, maybe it’s not who you are” but it humanizes it I think which is really important and we’re seeing that’s how people change their minds.”

02) Dancing In His Underwear for the Garbage Man, Noah Embraced Queerness and Sexuality Since Childhood [Original Article/Video]

Does anybody wish to wager a guess, on who has been out here for the past decade and a half plus, writing and speaking [to one degree or another] of the reality of the sexual child?…

I’ll give you a clue…You are looking at his blog, right now…

I am overjoyed to see this, and if there are any other examples of this out there, I would like to see them and highlight them here.

This goes “hand in glove” with things I have been discussing for many, many years…That we, who were sexual children [and pronouncedly so], do exist…That the “phenomena” does exist…That children can be, and sometimes are, “hypersexual”…That even young children sometimes have a sex drive, and a pronounced sexual attraction…That children are often aware of this biological hunger, and attraction…That many such children want to somehow act on it…That this is just a natural part of who we are.

Thank you for taking this stand, Noah!

I did not have a family, or living environment, which allowed me to embrace my own sexuality as a young child…nor even as a teenager…

You were blessed, in a real world sense, to have had the support you needed.

I salute you, for having the bravery to come out and talk about it.

It is not easy discussing these issues openly…On the one hand, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of reactions [and making yourself vulnerable], over an issue which is deeply, fundamentally personal…and often considered private. But you reach out and open yourself like this, taking that risk…because you realize from a personal stance, there is something deeply dysfunctional in the way our society looks at and reacts towards early life sexuality.

…Being burned by this social phobia…it opens your eyes to just why things desperately need to change, regarding this issue.

I’ve even gone so far as to give detailed description, of a few sexual encounters I experienced as a kid…and to elaborate on my emotional state, at the time…

…I think most people out there would not believe the bile, and the degree of obsessive cruelty, some individuals have directed towards me…for doing nothing more than discussing the realities of my own life…for trying to build a framework, in which others of different experience might come to understand people like myself.

Because of my tendency to reach out to others…there have been a handful of very abusive people, who’ve been targeting and attacking me for years…Distorting my words…Smearing my name…Some have literally tried to terrorize me…I’ve been threatened in a number of ways, and have lived under this cloud of threat for many years.

I worry about the safety of people, who do what Noah has done here…

…If only more of us would come out, network and support each other…I think, we honestly could change this world…for the better.