Mom is a Product of Her Culture…

Date: June 23, 2014

01) deceptive message from ‘heaven’

02) VIDEO: Little boy visits dad’s grave – and finds a letter sent from heaven

“…The heart-wrenching video shows little Gino Valentine, 8, finding a white envelope, addressed to him, under the headstone above his father’s grave.

Unaware the letter was written by his mother, little Gino opens the envelope and begins to read: “Hi Gino, thank you for coming to see me on Father’s Day…”

I generally take a dim view of this sort of thing…I want to be a little bit sympathetic, though.

The mother is a product of her environment, like anybody else. Obviously, a considerable portion of those in that environment subscribe to, and reaffirm, notions of consciousness transcending and surviving death.

This is fairly typical, no matter where you go.

It is weird to lie to someone in this specific kind of way, though…

…Falsely assuming the identity of a deceased individual, in order to make someone else that presumably had a close relationship with that individual feel good…special…loved…or whatever…that kind of behavior is a very heavy, deep and personal deception.

This kid is going to go brag, with excitement, to his friends and others…that “Daddy sent me a message from heaven”…And his bubble is going to eventually get burst.

Maybe a lot of people will play along…It might even go on for years…But I seriously have reservations, over any notion that a boy deprived of his own father, will take the news of this deception in any way similar to finding out there is no Santa.

This is just a place mom [or is it “mum”, in this case?] should not have treaded…She is setting up herself and her son, for some unkind issues later down the road.

Honesty is generally the best policy, when it comes to death.

This story reminds me a little bit…of the time I came back from Christmas break…and my third grade best friend informed us all…this year, all his presents “came from jesus”…because that is the way his parents made up the tags on the gifts…

Mind you…we weren’t complete dorks…and he knew just like the rest of us…that his parents were behind it all…Even in that kind of sheltered, programmed environment…we knew jesus did not leave Christmas presents under the tree…and that physical contact [or verbal, or…] with jesus, was not to be expected…nor looked upon uncritically…even if we were conditioned, to believe jesus was a living, sentient being.

That kid is really young, though…And we had had a few more years, to develop some critical reasoning.

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