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Multinational Life Experience and Personality Project…

Date: July 29, 2014

…BoyChat Post by Philip Tromovitch [for additional verification]…

…BoyChat Post by Philip Tromovitch [for additional verification]…

…Survey Link for the Multinational Life Experience and Personality Project…

“[Dr. Philip Tromovitch is] currently collecting data for a number of sexological and psychological studies. For one of them I want to learn about people who are primarily attracted to boys, girls, young men, and/or young women.”

” More details and information appear on the first page of the survey, but some key points are:
1) You will NOT be asked for your name, email address, or other identifying information;
2) The survey will take most people about 20 to 30 minutes to fill out;
3) The survey will NOT ask if you, as an adult, ever had sexual contact with a minor;
4) Your honest responses will help researchers understand you better.”

I cant tell anyone what to do…but if you are of the mind to participate in these studies, and you are part the demographic saught after, then this is an opportunity to take part in a study which might prove important.

It should be open for another week, at least [as of July 29, 2014].

Jason Browning: The Deeper We Dig, the More Alarming it Gets…

Date: July 29, 2014

…Responding to This…

…Responding to This…

[Please forgive that I did not provide an anonymized link, for the following links, but if you Click Here, you can easily copy and paste the link URLs into the proxy service.]

“Who wants to bet, that psycho daddy dearest has a criminal record of his own, and that he has spent more than a little time behind bars, himself?”

It looks like Jason Browning got probation, over a felony and other assorted, dangerous criminal behavior.

On February 25th of 2009, Jason Browning was arrested for false imprisonment, aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, aggravated battery with intent to harm, display of a gun or other weapon, and misdemeanor assault.

In other words…this guy took somebody hostage [or at least prevented them from being able to flee], with a gun or other weapon, and violently assaulted them.

I’m not sure why someone only gets probation for something like that…but then, maybe he was locked up for the year [and not simply in limbo with the court] prior to probation…It is not clarified. I’d suggest it is mighty messed up, when the people who need to be in prison are not.

…But did I not peg this one, dead on?

Jason Browning is no hero or sweetheart…he is a dangerous, violent sociopath.

I feel terrible for any son, who has to look at that…and call it “father”…What a horrible tragedy, for that poor kid…on more levels than just one.

As if all that has been revealed about this guy is not bad enough…

…A post or two down, we see that Jason paused long enough to pull out his phone, and take photos of the motionless, battered, bloody body of Raymond, laying on his floor. Allegedly, Jason was not to irate to compose himself, long enough to stop the beating, snap pictures of what he was doing, type up text messages, and send boasting messages to his friends…

That is not even remotely normal…It is not behavior, consistent with a “crime of rage” [which would be a frenzied loss of control]. This guy was intent on murdering Raymond, someone who is described as “part of the family”, and “like a brother to his own son”, and he is bragging about it while in progress, via his cell phone…

…This guy is all manner of psychologically messed up…

You know what this says to me?…

…It tells me that Jason is an incredibly cruel and stupid sociopath [this should have come back to bite him in the ass, wickedly, given his past]…It tells me that Florida laws are insanely messed up…And it strongly suggests to me, that Jason probably had his suspicions about Raymond’s sexual leanings, and being the sociopath he is, thought to himself…”Here is my chance to kill a fag, and get away with it.”

…He was photographing it all, and sending it out with text messages, while committing the attempted murder…And Florida law enforcement sees no problem with psycho daddy dearest?!!!

…To say nothing of the money grubbing douchbaggery stunt…

…This guy is all manner of bad seed…And his intelligence is so shallow, that he cant figure out that exploiting this mere hours after it occurred, is going to expose him for what he is.

…The fact that he even considered ever doing that, at all…This guy is not fit to be a parent…nor to care for, or be around children.

What a tragedy for that poor kid, who is his son…There is no way I can believe, that boy has never been the target of this guys abuse [even if “only” verbal and threatening posture]…and if he has not been, then it is only a matter of time…When he grows into a teen, and starts doing his own thing…and psycho daddy dearest doesn’t like it…

Hate Speech Against Pedophiles, Is Still Hate Speech…

Date: July 29, 2014

…Response to This…

…Response to This…

“Interesting, those countries that have outlawed hate speech (like Canada) haven’t adopted the kill the paedo stuff as a form of hate speech.”

…And it’s very troubling, that they have not.

The thing about only “special classes” of hate speech being covered, is that it sidesteps the problem for certain demographics. By omission, they essentially encourage certain types of hate speech…when they are having a law, supposedly to curtail hate speech.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve harped on this issue, in the past.

…I don’t want people locked up for expressing nasty things…But if anyone is going to have the nerve to write and maintain laws against hate speech…then they have no business picking and choosing what flavor of hate speech they want to go after.

I’ve seen the kind of stuff you mention, nitro…and I think it is a disgrace, and shows how honestly uncommitted to the cause lawmakers are, when hate speech against pedophiles is not even acknowledged in these laws…It is one of the worst, most saturated and vile forms of hate speech in existence.

It’s like I was saying when they wrote and passed these laws in the U.S…when it comes to pedophiles [and ephebophiles], you are not going to find any demographic in more dire need of the protection, that these laws claim to provide…Yet, it’s only going to the politically correct gays and lesbians.

If that doesn’t tell you that these laws are a politically correct sham, and that nobody honestly cares about fighting hate speech where it actually counts the most…then I don’t believe anything will.

Ending Homelessness…

Date: July 28, 2014

I’d like to share a few resources with you…

01) Melville Charitable Trust

02) Melville Charitable Trust Blog

03) National Alliance to End Homelessness

04) HUD.GOV – Local Homeless Assistance

05) National Coalition for the Homeless

06) United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

Being amongst a handful of different groups who are known at high risk for homelessness [including physical disability], the issues of the homeless have weighted heavy on my mind over a large portion of my life.

My concerns aren’t just because this issue confronts me on a frequent basis, however…

…I cant help but ask the same question that many others do…

Why…when we have billions of dollars to spend on war and weaponry…when we have untold billions to pay out in foreign aid…when we still have the problem of government waste…why are we watching all these billions of dollars leaving our social coffers, while this nationwide crisis is simultaneously going on within our own borders?

I have to echo a sentiment from the Melville Charitable Trust…It is an outright scandal, that the wealthiest nation on this planet [at any point during earths recorded history of existence], has allowed it’s priorities to get so far out of sync with its needs…and has callously allowed this problem to fester.

…There is simply no excuse for people to be homeless, anywhere within the USA. We have the means to end this problem…We are just not putting those means to that use.

It is a true embarrassment…a true shame…a true weakness…when a nation wont even look out for its own.

I think you’ve solved the mystery, Jessy!: The True Child Porn Industry…

Date: July 25, 2014

01) Not so funny is the salaries slapped on the debt

Where are all these mystery billions of dollars “in the child porn industry” changing hands, when it is beyond obvious that it’s not between the producers and customers?

…Well…in our modern day, expanded definition of “the child porn industry”, we now have to account for the salaries of all law enforcement, all mental health professionals, any whores of the court, every reporter who makes something off of writing about it…and whatever peripheral business occurs on it’s back [ie: blog hosts who force advertisements]…Think about all the property they seize, too.

It is finally making sense to me, not just how it gets into the billions, when there is a lack of purchasers there to justify it…but why this amount has habitually kept climbing…

…It’s the parasites!…We’re just not looking deep enough into the structure of this industry, to see it!

People like “us” aren’t “the child porn industry”…the predators who feed off of people like us, are “the child porn industry”.

Sometimes…you are just way to wise and profound, Jessy…

…I think I’m experiencing a paradigm shift, here.

Is Hate Speech a Real Thing?…

Date: July 25, 2014

…In Response To This…

…In Response To This…

“I don’t call for censorship, nor do I believe in such bullshit as hate speech or hate crimes…..”

Hate Speech is the behavior, of speaking and spreading misinformation for the purpose of dehumanizing a person or group…generally for the purpose, of hastening or maintaining some ill consequence upon that person or group.

It is a real, tangible, concrete behavior.

It would be true to say, however…that a lot of people out of ignorance engage in speech, which is difficult to distinguish from hate speech…This is because their level of understanding, and their true intent, may not be clear.

Just because somebody is saying something ugly and untrue, does not mean that they know it is untrue…nor that they are intentionally saying it, despite that it is untrue…nor that their intention is to injure others, with ugly lies.

Groups where hate speech is more common, are those who adhere to “the ends justify the means”…groups and individuals who don’t care about how dirty they have to get, to injure and destroy others.

All this said…I was screaming bloody murder, when they passed hate speech law in the U.S. This is not something that can be addressed with the law, and it is dangerous to put these types of issues and judgments at the mercy of the “justice” system.

By strict definition, I have to eat a little bit of crow myself…and admit that I have pointed out others words as examples of hate speech, when in reality…they may have just been ignorantly repeating what they’ve been indoctrinated with.

I do find it useful, however…to equate some types of ignorance propagation, with equally harmful hate speech…Because I hope it makes people from another perspective, really stop and consider what impact their words are having…Plus, there are simply times when intent behind the words don’t really effect the injurious impact of them.

Some people claim pedophiles are animals that rape and torment children, and that we deserve to be strung up by our balls and used for target practice [or murdered, in any number of demented manner].

…Does it really matter, whether they honestly believe this or not?…They’ve socially reinforced not only the dehumanization of someone like me…but they’ve also reinforced an atmosphere of violence and cruelty, aimed at people like me…all in the face of the fact, that it is not true…at least not about me, or any number of people like me.

Some falsehoods attacking others cross the line so egregiously…that they should be called out as hate speech.

If nothing else…it opens up a dialogue, where people can start to discuss what is objectively true, and what is not.

Well…They said ‘this’ industry…

Date: July 24, 2014

01) Original News Report

02) UN:Mexico Is Number One In Child Porn Distribution

03) ‘Mexico generates 3.4 billion dollars annually’

…Maybe they are pulling a fast one [a “bait and switch”], by simply stating that Mexico’s purchases in the world porn industry are worth 3.4 billion dollars?

It’s not like anyone is there to force them to clarify, what sliver of that slice has anything to do with “the legally underage”.

Amongst the many things “I have learned about Child Pornography” over the years…

A) No child is required to be involved.

B) No human is required to be involved [other than the producer].

C) No living thing is required to be involved [other than the producer].

D) No visual images are required to be involved.

E) No honest facts are required to be involved.

F) No critical thinking is welcome.

Of course, there’s a lot of territory under these, which also hold true…Like, no boy with a boner is required…no sex act is required…no sight of genitalia is required…

Forgive my ignorance, but…Isn’t CP still legal in Mexico?…at least to own and access?

VlogTV / YouNow…

Date: July 24, 2014

01) Response to This

I’ve never had a terribly high opinion of it, where people “like” us go onto these kinds of websites, for the purpose of living up to pedophile stereotypes…or just being douchebags.

My experience with YouNow is of minimal interest…but I did have an account with it’s predecessor, VlogTV…for the better part of a year, I guess. Except that I’d published fairly comprehensive channel rules, and set the channel up for future use, it was a dormant channel.

For violating none of their terms of service, and having a dormant channel on their website, my account got suspended without warning or given cause.

Curiously, about six months or so later…VlogTV is contacting me by e-mail, inviting me to transfer my info/channel over to YouNow, because they care so much about me as a user and want to help me make the transition easily.

I decided to see what would happen…but the transition never successfully took…YouNow contacted me, offering to help…because they noticed my attempt failed.

I just ignored it…because at most, I’d have noted down any changes in password, etc…and the account would have gone on dormant, until I actually felt like exploring a new service, again…This was a few years ago…I’ve not been back there, since…and I’m not terribly familiar with their service, except that it is more/less like VlogTV.

It would be unfair of me to make any judgment, regarding censorship on YouNow [I would hope it is not like VlogTV.], but, even just these media and social networking type sites…It often just kind of floors me, when I look around and see the myriad of behaviors which take place there regularly [including those like you have mentioned]…yet it is those of us who are boring, not looking for anything questionable, and who just want the little extra, rare, live experience to offer their audience, every now and then…who get the axe dropped on them.

That I would be probably better [or at least no worse] off, if I ran around these websites posting naughty comments to cute little boys…is probably the pinnacle of irony…Especially since I am in your camp on this, and it bothers me to see people out there…doing exactly what they accuse all of us of doing.

When it comes to “pedophiles”…these kinds of services mostly don’t seem to comprehend good behavior, or when it is happening…and they tend to have no clue, where it comes to encouraging the good behavior versus discouraging the bad.


Date: July 23, 2014

…Unspeakable []…

a film by paul christiano and christopher perricelli

Paul is associated with B4U-ACT, and has also been featured in at least one radio interview, which has been shared on this blog, thus far.

There is a thread about this film on BoyChat, here.

…Very thought provoking…though I never thought I’d ever witness a man, dancing with a table…Curious.

When an individual becomes savagely violent…

Date: July 23, 2014

…Real facts regarding Raymond Frolander…

…Real facts regarding Raymond Frolander…

When an individual becomes savagely violent…

…this always points towards something deep and psychological, within that person.

This, along with the severity of the brutal assault [which is not even remotely normal, nor sane behavior]…is what quickly led me to the conclusion, that there is something very wrong with this dangerous father.

Without it being explicitly stated before now, it was immediately clear…not only was that pure hate…there was a violent murder in progress. If you did not see that from the picture, alone…then you are either blind, or very naïve…

There is a reason why I snuck the term “murder” into one of my previous responses to this…Because attempted murder is written all over this. And here we are, now, with this guy actually admitting, he was in the process of murdering the eighteen year old…And Chief Chitwood still has no grounds to remove this violent, murderous predator from the public?

Who wants to bet, that psycho daddy dearest has a criminal record of his own, and that he has spent more than a little time behind bars, himself?

Anyone with the ability to explode into violent rage, like that…who has 35 years of living behind him…is almost guaranteed to have done some messed up stuff.

If Chief Chitwood admires psycho daddy dearest so much…maybe he can create a special class of deputy…He can have his own “sex abuse survivor” division…Mint off nice shiny badges, which boldly declare the wearer “Sex Abuse Survivor”…Print them off a license, suitable for framing…And set them loose, walking about town and violently assaulting any pervert that “sets off their trigger”…

…I’m confident, in Florida…a lot of people would applaud this…

…After all…don’t “sex abuse survivors” have the god given, righteous, inalienable right, to shit all over and abuse any pervert they don’t like, in whatever way they please?

Reading way to many comments on these news stories…you’d think public sentiment mandates and commissions just exactly that.

…And asking for one million dollars, out of this?!!

…Unless you are going to substantiate, that the eleven year old was being anally raped [or suffered heinous injury], and now needs extensive medical care, then what exactly about this situation requires one million dollars?!

The son seemed plenty spry enough, to stop his grown father from murdering a literally helpless human being…and apparently talk on the phone to police, too…Which doesn’t sound like someone mortally injured.

It sounds like there was something extremely exaggerated and warped, going on in psycho daddy dearests own head.

Oh…but that poor, poor thing…he’s a sex abuse victim, so “it’s all okay”…He’s just getting his entitled righteous revenge by surrogate.

…I am so sick to death of these…people…for whom something bad may have happened…so now they live as though they are entitled to take it all out on other people…without any accountability or consequence to themselves, whatsoever.

Yes…it’s just ludicrous and unthinkable, to expect them to behave in any civilized or humane manner, when their “trigger” has been set off…They cant help themselves…and it’s wrong, after all they’ve endured, to hold them accountable for personal lack of control…violent savagery…murder…

Is there any semblance of legal and social order in Florida, at all?

Forgive me…This post is a tad bit ugly…

…You just have no idea how deeply it disgusts me, watching people make excuses for savage animals like that, and turning a blind eye when they’ve clearly blown way, way past the line of acceptability…

Just because something crappy may have happened to you [Just as crappy things have happened to all of us…Join the freaking club!], does not mean you get a “free pass” in all of the rest of life.

Hell…even genuine victims can cross a line, and transition into something that is very, very wrong. They don’t deserve being defended.

You survey what at times comes off as positively gleeful approval, of this blatantly fucked up, indefensible shit…

…it always brings me back to the depressing understanding, of just why the human species deserves to go extinct…

Being part of this species embarrasses and demoralizes the insane fuck out of me, at times like these.

I have all the genuine human sympathies in the world, for people who’ve been sexually brutalized…But just because your pee pee was touched, before you reached a certain age, does not mean you’ve been transformed into “a human god” walking the planet. Hell…even if you were gang raped, and debilitated for life…this still does not place you above anyone else.

It’s not the fault of every other pervert on this planet, if you were poked or groped by someone you didn’t want.

…Am I an asshole, for saying all of this?…Any of it?

Deep, complicated frustrations…Very deep…Very complicated…Very frustrating.

Sometimes…I’d like something to punch on, too.