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Ironic Distortions…

Date: July 15, 2014

01) How I escaped my pederast [Original Article]

02) Ian Grey – How I escaped my pederast

As to the quote from Bernie Najarian…

“I know a gay guy who didn’t come out until he was over 55 because he stayed home in his small town to look after his momma and she was a dyed-in-the-wool homophobe. I think he has a much better case to feel murderous rage against all mothers than Grey has to feel rage against all pederasts.”

I am sometimes outright staggered at the irony of people…who believe we all must cry a river, far and wide, for the young individual made uncomfortable by a homosexual advance…who believe that individual is entitled to some sort of social rage and revenge…yet if you consider situations like ours, where we are haplessly born into a world of relentless social abuse…we merely deserve it…we are not entitled to be dissatisfied with our fate, nor with the mechanisms and people who imposed it.

While I prefer to avoid discussions about “who is carrying the larger cross”…some of these “accounts of abuse, and their aftermath”, are nothing more than expressions of contempt…to an extent which is outright vulgar.

It’s like someone who has stubbed their toe rushing into an emergency room, and demanding that they stop working on the gun shot victim, in order to focus all their attention on him/her…

…It is fundamentally offensive, having your own humanity and life experience so callously dismissed, in preference of catering to…emotional fragility?…emotional immaturity?…lack of human empathy?…

As to the original news article itself…

I have to be totally clear here…

…While I think Ian Grey crosses the line, and strays into dehumanizing hyperbole…

“Scotty saw what was in my eyes and actually flinched. Then he gathered the child in his monster arms, stared in my eyes, and gave him a sloppy French kiss.

Had I a gun, I’d have emptied the clip in that smile. But I didn’t have a gun. And something shut down in me as I let him ride off with his new tiny victim.”

…I can also recognize that a number of things described in this account, are outright reprehensible.

This was, however, dealing with issues between “Scotty” and Ian…and it was also in a certain type of environment, which possibly does produce or cater too a more predatory form of sexual desire.

This should not be seen, as a typical example of man boy love…In fact, there are a lot of complicated, messed up issues there, which fall outside of man boy love.

I am not prepared to claim that Ian was done no wrong at any point…

…Though I do think the self absolving [“I had an undeveloped brain!”], and laying the blame all on “Scotty” [was Ian forced to take the drugs?], is intellectually dishonest.

Was Ian honestly so disconnected with society, that he did not realize what all that drug abuse might do to him?…Did Ian honestly have no other people to look too, not only in his personal development, but as help to get away from “Scotty”?

If Ian was emboldened enough to get in good with “Scotty”…then how could he not have found an alternative?…Ian chose to stay with “Scotty”.

Ian making such a decision implies to me…that the sum total of “Scotties” behavior and influence, likely was not all that traumatizing or disagreeable to Ian…Maybe, Ian is looking back in regret?

I can agree with at least one of the commentators…This account feels puffed up and inflated, by a sense of moral outrage…This was a guy, who indulged in drugs…who figured out “Scotty” liked him that way…yet he continued on, thinking there was something still in the relationship he wanted…until some awkward account of being overtaken by rage, when overhearing a song on the radio…and suddenly wanting to murder “Scotty”.

…I think before one starts pointing fingers and casting blame…it is best to take stock of one’s own standing, and realize your own choices were indispensable in whatever took place…”underdeveloped brain” or not.

All the same…”Scotty” sounds like a dirt bag, who Ian was better off without.

“Scotty” does not represent people like me.