People Imply These Kinds of Things…

Date: July 16, 2014

01) Are Child Sex-Robots Inevitable?

01) Forbes: Original Article

“I asked the panel how society would deal ethically and legally with a hypothetical company that starts producing child sex-robots to satisfy deviant sexual desires.”

“Arkin said that while he doesn’t approve of child sex bots for recreational use, he’d like to see them used for research purposes. “Child-like robots could be used for pedophiles the way methadone is used to treat drug addicts,” said Arkin.”

“He added that he did worry about the possible creation of a black market that would offer the robots outside of a clinical setting.”

Should we be given sex toys [in this case, “child” robots] as sexual pacifiers?

People Imply These Kinds of Things…

…when they really seriously just don’t comprehend, what it means to be a pedosexual.

In the capacity implied, such a thing is literally nothing more than a sex toy…and sex toys are sex toys.

I’ve got nothing against sex toys, in theory…In fact, I’ve bought a few of them during my lifetime. But it was not because the toy itself was exciting to me. It was because the skin of my palms has become so leathery and coarse [from my line of work…not from chronic masturbation]…that I needed to explore other methods. Mostly, the toys proved to be horrible…or burdensome…and the novelty wore off quickly.

I’m not a fan of sex toys…and I’ve really got no fetish, involving them.

Sex dolls, I think, would be worth neither the hassle nor the expense.

As a novelty, it might hold a brief window of interest from me…But no matter how “life like” it might be…it is still lifeless.

These kinds of sex toys are for monosexuals…people who just want to experience the sensations of sex, without anything or anyone getting in the way of their experience.

Just like private masturbation…what is subtracted from these sexual experiences, is having someone you are totally into, responding to and experiencing your touch…The whole excitement of a companion experiencing the magic of sex, is just absent. This guts the experience, in my opinion, rendering it hollow.

To me, sex is not about being in heat…It is about having someone who willingly experiences your physical affection…It is about doing for them, what others wont…and in the process, expressing my own needs…Being in heat [if that even happens anymore], is only one catalyst.

Something that has no capacity to sense, appreciate or experience what I am doing for it?…That is not even interesting to me.

To my mind…sexual companionship is about needing someone, for whom you can make a meaningful difference through physical affection…You find your own satisfaction within theirs.

I cant speak for every pedosexual…but that is one major thing, which outsiders just don’t get about so many of us.

…They’ve robbed of us the ability to love another human being, in the manner which comes natural to us.

You can never replace that, by giving us “something to fuck”.

Some may claim I promote a romanticized idea of sex…but when you are a pedosexual like me, with my set of interests [I’m a true pedophile]…you understand, that how I explain it…is honestly the only way it could work.

They’re still kids…they still require kid gloves…You have to follow their lead and capacity.

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