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Deep Self Denial?…

Date: July 17, 2014

01) ‘im gay – not a paedophile’

[Note: I almost threw this entire post out, because the more I chewed on it, the more I realize just how much of what is presented in Georges letter, is entirely unclear…Probably his own fault, for being so vague, while admitting to a handful of things…]

“thirty-four years ago at the age of 57 and when i was a senior commissioner in the socut association, responsible for special outdoor camping for scouts with severe physical handicaps i was convicted of gross indecency.

predictably it was assumed that i was a paedophile and i was dishonourably discarged from the movement i had loved for 50 years.


a gay man does no harm, a paedophile does irreparable damage.


i’ve long since stopped asking people to understand – but please accept my homosexuality and please don’t call me a paedophile.

george montague, brighton.”

At almost sixty years old…this guy is representing himself as “perhaps a little older” than your typical scout?

…Are we talking about the boy scouts, here?… Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, and maybe this is not the boy scouts, but an organization for disabled youth and adults?

Even if it is “just” an association for the disabled…the unspecified [and what appears vaguely admitted] “gross indecency”, shoots up a blazing red flag…especially since this guy goes on to what reads like a person justifying whatever happened, in his own case.

Okay, yes…he never clarifies whether this happened within the context of his scouting position…So, it is premature to suggest he took advantage of the disabled, or betrayed his obligations…Yet given the way he presents this, those conclusions are really where his account leads the mind…intentional or not.

“any young male who finds he has a sexual attraction to other males is like his contemporaries of the opposite sex looking for someone of the same age of perhaps a little older.

then as he gets older and like every other male he might look for someone younger.”

Putting aside what looks to be his own convoluted assessment of “a little older”…might I point out, that George has just laid out a description of intergenerational relationships…”Pedophilia” is just one subsection of the same thing…

The only real difference, is that we might be engaged in relationships with boys who are just exploring, and not necessarily homosexual.

“a gay man does no harm, a paedophile does irreparable damage.”

This is a subjective condemnation, which is not even based in objective fact…nor does it take into account, the crushing weight of influence put on these types of relationships, by a myriad of social factors…factors entirely out of the control of “pedophiles”. People and organizations have gone well out of their way, to make certain there is no place for these relationships to succeed or thrive in. By sheer bigotry, they have decided for us all that “we will fail”, no matter what. If the relationship is demonstrably good…it is still “a failure”, by simple observance that it occurred at all…according to people of that mind.

I’d like to see how the majority of todays gays [and lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered] would fare, if they had to face what we do…So many of these arrogant, prideful and self righteous voices, would be cowering and whimpering in the shadows…Most of them have never done a single thing, to justify the social privileges they enjoy today…They are paper tigers, walking the road which giants forged for them.

If we had an open and free world to live in, like so many of todays gays…things would not be this way for us…We would be able to talk about our lives freely, also. In fact, supporters could feel unintimidated to defend us. I suggest, it would not be so largely different for us, as it is for gays now.

In close…it is very offensive, looking at someone who admits to having a taste of illegal sexual companionship, while they were a senior citizen in a position of power…who in the same breath, condemns “pedophiles” while mindlessly attempting to argue [and failing at it] that his own behavior is materially different.

This is just someone with skeletons in his own closet [perhaps a self hating pedophile], trying to throw “pedophiles” under the bus.

It is incredibly offensive, getting incoherently lectured and condemned, by the guy who actually took it upon himself to live the experience he is ostensibly condemning…an experience that has been deprived from so many of us.

Yeah…sure…It’s “okay” for George to have his own party…but when it comes time to own up and pay the bills, it’s nothing but pleading his own innocence and pointing his finger at that easy phantom, which is the rest of us…

…So many of us never even had a party of our own…So many of us “pedophiles” [literal or not], have walked the straight and narrow…in order to avoid George Montague style “gross indecencies”…

As a pedophile myself…it seems obvious, I have displayed a far greater ability and track record of self control and restraint, than this George Montague who would stand in judgment of me…

Could we have a link to the actual daily mail letter?…I’d like to post this on my blog…but don’t like doing such without citations.

Apparently, it is this guy

His channel is here