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Hitler Youth Complex?…

Date: July 18, 2014

01) News Article

02) 10 Yrs For Sex With Friend’s 12-Year Old Son

“A 36-year-old Florida woman has been sentenced to prison after admitting she had sex with her friend’s 12-year-old son.

Joy McCall, who has children the same age as the victim, was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in prison, with 134 days credit for time served, according to the Ocala Star Banner. She pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child.

The Marion Oaks woman was arrested in February after the victim told a friend at church that he’d been having sex his mother’s friend. The boy’s confidant told his mother, who contacted the victim’s mother.”

Summary: Boy and woman start and carry on a sexual relationship, which includes messaging back and forth…and the boy lying [including to his parents] to get to this woman for more sex. Apparently, he brags to his church friend, who promptly tells his own mother…and the ball of sex phobia gains momentum from there…We all know the narrative…

So…yet still another case, where a grown woman assaults a cute horny boy, with her vagina, wetly squeezing his…well…

Who do you suppose was exerting the most effort in this assault?…the boy or the woman?

It is strange, who all some kids presume they can trust with their private information.

…One kid telling another, who is obviously under the thumb of his mom [both parents?], about something he has and greatly wants…and aught to have enough foresight, to guard closely.

Was the twelve year old so sheltered, that he did not realize the wider social hostility?

I mean…it does not sound likely, that he was making a veiled call for help, by spilling the beans on this. He probably would have chosen to continue…right?


…Kids often don’t understand, how other kids are pulled into the social hostility…and how they may very well get betrayed by a friend.

This reminds me a lot of what they say about “the Hitler youth”…or about laws passed and programs implemented, which make children more likely to “report on their family” to the government [or law enforcement], about any number of things. Only here, it is a cultural sex phobia…one that children internalize, just like most people seem to.

I have to agree with a sentiment expressed by Etenne…With all these countless boys being sexually battered by women…I just hope all that obviously unwanted, sexual assault and perversity, is not behind what is turning almost all males heterosexual.

My goodness, what a tragedy!…if we found out that males are being raped, traumatized and sexually perverted into heterosexuality…by horny, perverted women that like them…

Thanks Etenne!…That one is a gem!…Kinda turns one sexual superstition [ie: homosexuality comes from being molested] on it’s head…I like that!