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Sometimes, People Are Just Too Open?…

Date: July 19, 2014

01) BoyChat Response

There is that, yes…

…and if one is looking broadly enough, one will certainly find things I’ve not given acknowledgement too in my posts. But to reserve a minimum of fairness for myself…I was never intending to write an all encompassing thesis on this…I just set out to share a few thoughts, which is one of the most typical behaviors on this board.

The question of kids who are simply raised to be open and free, regarding what they can talk about with their parents?

Yes, I completely agree with you. I still don’t believe this is the norm…though admittedly, I’m getting a bit crusty and old…and I’m not an expert, on every nuance of how modern kids are relating to the issues of sex.

Near as I’ve seen it…There have always been the more open and tolerant families, who will let their kids be…well…open, about the subject matter [they can ask anything, tell anything, etc.]…Those families don’t represent a majority, as I understand it…Repression of the issue, intentional or not, has been the norm.

…Which is one of the reasons why it makes lesser sense to me, when a kid living in a generally non-permissive culture, doesn’t think twice about just blurting something like this out without understanding the wider consequences…At the very least, to me, this implies some degree of sheltering and imposed naivety…or indoctrination.

In all fairness, we don’t know if the kid who tattled was doing so, because he thought “This is wrong, and I’ve got to tell someone who can stop it.”, or if he just thought it was funny and told his mom…or if he was just sincerely looking to someone he trusted, in order to explore and work out the whole issue in his own mind.

You’re right…There are a lot of things, which potentially lead to that kind of exposure.

…I’m still inclined to believe, that an indoctrinated kid under the thumb of his parents, is the most likely scenario.

But you know what?…I am something of a paradox here, myself.

My early family life was very repressive in this manner…yet I unwittingly found myself in at least a couple early life exposures to sexuality, compliments of a few older cousins.

It might be wrong to say “it’s in my genes”, even though who I am [and my natural interests] likely played a role in this…but I think I was mostly just conditioned by my parents, to know that I could not talk about this without something bad coming of it. As consequence, it never occurred to me to say a single word to anyone, about any of it. This is a conclusion I came to, when I was six, seven…eight years old…I don’t even recollect any exact age…I just remember the events, vividly…and knowing without question, I could not tell anyone about it.

Only one of these cousins, from the latter experience, begged me not to say anything about it…but it never crossed my mind to tell anyone, anyway.

Maybe, it has always just come naturally to me because of who and what I am, to shelter what I interpret as good or neutral, and to keep necessary secrets.

Owning Your Words and Legacy…

Date: July 19, 2014

01) BoyChat Post

My nick, Steve-D, is about sixteen years old…

If you look around…Etenne has been here, and registered, longer than me…Same thing with middy, though I’m not sure how long he has been using that specific variant.

Few people still use their ancient BC names, around here. There are reasons why some of us do, though.

People who do this, have a very long and deep investment in their BoyChat identity. We have an actual track record…a body of history, to stand upon.

For me, this makes me much more hesitant to do anything rash, which might taint my name…or my personal character.

I do have a few other registered names…but every style of thing I do here, I do within this identity.

Behavior carries a certain weight around here, when people can see that the person behind it, honestly cares about how they are coming off to others…when you know that their over arching character is beneficial and good willed…as opposed to something else.

This is probably the strongest argument I can give, for registering a nick.

Then again…some register a nick, and are a tornado of all sorts of stuff.

It means a tremendous deal to me, to be “Steve-D of BoyChat”. It’s allowed me to do things, and carry on in ways, which changing my nick every year would not.

If there is a down side, I feel that it might make me a bit of a pariah…and that many want to maintain a distance from me.

I spend a lot of time wondering where my friends are, and whatever became of them…It’s lonely…and I’ve lost a tremendous deal from here, over the years. It’s hard to tell if they resurface under different names, or if they’ve all just left.

Understand First…

Date: July 19, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…


“Everyone seems to take it as given that this was consensual…”

“…This has every likelihood of being a genuine case of abuse in every sense of the word. Abuse of power by a much older kid on a naive & possibly confused & frightened child.”

“Not one poster on here has given any consideration to that being the possible scenario. No wonder they accuse us of lacking empathy if this is the reaction to this incident. Everyone has leapt to the defence of the ‘alleged’ perpetrator without knowing the facts.”

What I think most of us were responding too, is this deeper social issue, where “normal” people believe themselves to have some righteous freedom, to do with sexual perverts whatever they please…without limit, accountability or consequence to themselves.

This is not a news story about a kid who got sexually abused…It is a side story, where in a “normal” chose to escalate a situation [which appears to have been brought to a halt], to the point of inhumane violence and disregard for human life…and an outright vulgar display of arrogance…all because he almost certainly knew he could get away with it…

…And don’t even get me started on the comments to these stories, or how anybody not towing the hive mind completely, is being voted down by extreme numbers and likely a focused effort.

…It is nothing but a mindless feeding frenzy…by people looking for any place they can express their own violent sociopathic sentiments, and not get in trouble for it.

The point here, is that almost certainly not one bit of that even needed to happen…But it did…and not only is nothing being done about this vulgar display of inhumane cruelty, the guy is being celebrated.

As a sexual minority…we always get the short end of the stick…And this is one line…the line that says, “people can do anything to a sex pervert who steps out of line, including kill them”…this is one line, that we absolutely must never tolerate. It is a wrong, wicked and evil sentiment and behavior, on the part of “normal” society…And what makes it so dangerous, is that it is so easily and widely accepted by the “normal” people.

That is a very far cry from condoning anything Raymond did, or from overlooking the plight of the eleven year old boy.

We cannot tolerate this kind of social treatment, even when people of our orientation have demonstrably done wrong…It falls well outside of true social justice, and threatens our very standing as human beings with any right to live.

Now…people of our orientation who do wrong?…Understand, there is no shelter provided for them by me.

People of our orientation have had their social standing severely damaged, by people who sexually brutalize children. Every bit as important, they are also hurting children and teens…people we do care about.

Abusers of such a nature, are widening the social chasm…and simply serving to make things worse for everyone.

There is no warm n fuzzy sentiment for brutalizers and abusers, which I have ever detected as a social trend on this board…not in all my many years here. Quite the contrary.

Are there sometimes when I feel a person is afforded too much leniency here?…Yes…there are.

What I reject, is the idea that people are somehow out of line, when they don’t swallow a news story exactly as it is spoon fed to them.

We are not treated well by the media…We have a long history, of justified skepticism.

Chief Chitwood is a Derelict LEO…

Date: July 19, 2014

…Florida Dad batters teen who was ‘molesting son’…

…Florida Dad batters teen who was ‘molesting son’…

…’Send an ambulance – he’s going to need one’: Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp before calling cops to say ‘I have him in a bloody puddle for you’…

…’Send an ambulance – he’s going to need one’: Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp before calling cops to say ‘I have him in a bloody puddle for you’…

Before anything showed up [on BoyChat], I read a much shorter account of this on Yahoo!…I wrote something longish, and bordering on scathing…with regards to these cases where accused [but not yet charged and proven guilty] sexual minority members are violently assaulted, in a way and to a degree, which cannot be sanely justified…and nobody, not in law enforcement or anywhere [will gay and lesbian groups even say anything?]…nobody does anything about it.

I don’t think I am going to post what I wrote anywhere…Not sure how many people honestly appreciate my writings of that nature, anyway…and with a few more details being introduced [are they truth or lies?…who knows!…It’s the media.]…I feel like I should already make changes to it to reflect these allegations.

Bottom line is…If Raymond [the eighteen year old] was not resisting and was not behaving in a way that posed a threat [did not argue, throw a punch or pull a weapon, etc.], then the father had zero justification in laying a finger on him…to say nothing, of inhumanely beating him into unconsciousness.

If he was honestly raping the eleven year old, and threatening him…let the legal system deal with him.

Normal protocol is to only interfere, until whatever threat is going on stops [and sometimes not even then]…If he runs, let him go. It sounds like the cops would have just picked him up in some other part of town, later.

The degree of vicious, violent assault the father gave Raymond…I don’t care how fucked up the laws and common sentiment in Florida are…This is not legal…full stop…There is no room for tolerance, for this type of thing.

Even though I tried to separate my base rant from this specific case [because of the unknowns]…it still remains true…Of all the people caught up in these kinds of cases and violent assault, it is the people accused who most need their human rights guarded.

If Raymond did wrong…he will face not only the legal system, but pure hell…

Unless Raymond pulled a weapon, attacked the boy or the father…then the father needs to be brought up on charges…Because what the unnamed father did, is no small or simple act of “saving his son”. He crossed a line, in a severe and cruel way…At what point during this violent assault, did Raymond continue to remain a danger? How long did the father continue, when it was not even necessary?…Obviously, it went on for a while, even after Raymond was incapacitated…

That kid was likely smaller, weaker, stunned and mortified that he was caught…possibly stunned, by an unexpected attack…likely little more than a disoriented, bloodied punching bag…

…and on top of all this, the eleven year old gets to watch his own father violently “murdering” someone else…

There is no argument to be made, that justifies this.

…Getting caught or accused of something, does not mean that your own human rights are no longer protected by the law.

It is staggering, and even sickening, to witness just how quickly Chief Chitwood has dismissed this brutal assault.

He is a good example of why so many people are disgusted with law enforcement.