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Have you no concept of redemption?

Date: July 20, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

There are many ugly realities, which would probably make you sick to your stomach…just below the surface of your romanticized idea of “standing your ground”, “castle whatever” and macho social justice…

This young person is somebodies son…as would be the theoretical person, who you propose no qualms about murdering [well, son or daughter].

It does not matter what mindless laws have to say about it…If a person is at your mercy, and you kill them…you are a murderer, no matter what some rotten law has to say about it.

People who knew and loved this individual, who you seem to think nothing of snuffing out, are going to know the true value of their life, and experience the tragedy of that loss. Don’t think it would not effect you, either…Every big talker thinks themselves “John Wayne”, until they actually have to look at, confront and live with what they have done, and the broader consequences of it.

You aren’t simply dealing with some sterile matter of stopping a nuisance…You are bringing something into the world, with extreme and cruel consequences…and for what?…to please and boast your own ego?

You know…some wayward people actually go on to do good, even great things in this world…

…You have no right to judge their worth…nor to snuff it out.

Technicalities of the law do not shield you from the fact of your responsibility and guilt, when you have done something deplorable which hurts others.

Your love affair with the law…

Date: July 20, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

Your love affair with the law…

…points out a stark difference between yourself, and a lot of the rest of us who realize…that a lot of wrong, messed up crap happens in our culture, and it is allowed to go unchallenged…it is even encouraged…by the existence of extremely messed up laws, written and passed by cruel people.

Law is not the supreme good…nor is it often a good source of moral guidance. In fact, it is largely a convoluted rabbit hole.

I for one am of the mind…that a large amount of what gets placed into the law books by government…is most fit, out of all options possible…to be torn out, and used to wipe my behind.

Things which are most important in this world, are that we are good and decent to each other as human beings…That we bring up as many children in this practice, as we can…and that we not allow those hostile to us, to destroy this.

Historical documents, state borders, sovereignty, law books…These are all illusions which will pass…just like everything and everyone else.

Those laws you cite…If they allow what we have seen here, then they are rotten and foul…They point to a lack of even minimal humane human decency.

I invite you to rise above this sterile acceptance, and be a better human being.

Ageism: The whole idea of ‘the naive child’…

Date: July 20, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

As to intergenerational intimacy…

…Some of us consider the nature of the relationship, the nature of the activity, and the nature of the setting to be the most crucial and relevant points, on which to judge such things.

We don’t append a biological age to the equation, when weighing the nature and relevance of it.

If someone is sexually brutalized, their age does not matter, where it comes to judging the nature of the act.

If someone is sexually loved and accommodated, their age does not matter, where it comes to judging the nature of the act.

That is not to imply there aren’t other factors, which might lead to the conclusion…that sexual relations between specific people would be wrong.

…It is just to say, that some of us believe that age should not be the prohibitive wall, which it has been allowed to become.

Who are the “nay speakers” to be telling all of humankind, that this form of love “is not” a normal part of growing up?…

…They’ve been trying to beat and torment it out of existence for centuries, yet it still goes on…Surely, it has a stark historical record of existence, in the natural world.

Gross violent battery is not…

Date: July 20, 2014

…BoyChat Post…

…BoyChat Post…

Gross violent battery is not…

…a simple matter of making and enforcing house rules.

It is not something which should be protected, or encouraged, by law.

Just because someone is caught doing something in your home, does not mean you have ownership over that person, nor a right to savagely injure them, nor a right to threaten their life.

…And you seriously need to detach yourself from this notion, that everything allegedly intended, or put into written law, by the founding fathers, was expected to be a fully binding road map of everybody’s future.

Things evolve…culture evolves…

We are talking about a situation which was probably already brought to a halt, before the father even made physical contact with the eighteen year old…What the father did, was almost certainly uncalled for, and maybe in it’s entirety.

This is not the wild west…Try to find at least a tiny bit of humane empathy, and some sense of social order…Okay?

You don’t seriously want to encourage these sorts of savage vigilantes, do you?

In a private home or not…that was a sickening abuse, and exploitation of loose laws.

As a side note…I always find it curious how so many people site the founding fathers, when arguing their own world views…and predictably, people act as if they knew the founding fathers…And of course, the founding fathers “obviously shared their own world views, and social goals”…and they are such “experts” on the founding fathers, and “what they intended”…including for the rest of us, forever.

You know what I think would be wonderful to watch?…

…I’d like the day to come, where we can resurrect from the dead the founding fathers…Then I’d like to see a reality show made, where in the truly bat shit insane “freemen”, “constitutionalists”, “self glorified, god given sovereigns”, are forced to live in a closed community, with our founding fathers as their neighbors…

…I would be tied to the television [for once, in over two decades], watching the developments unfold.

How long do you suppose it would take, before they started bucking heads with people from an entirely different time era, with different moral outlooks, and who never envisioned many of the things that exist today?

…I’d give the loonies maybe two weeks, before assassination attempts commenced.

…Then again…maybe the founding fathers would be so outraged at the behaviors of these “freemen”, they’d put them on trial and throw them into prison cells…or execute them.

Both are completely plausible…but I do not believe for one second, that it would turn into some fantastic love fest.

The founding fathers are long dead…Stop trying to speak for them…and for the rest of us.

The true strength of humans exists in our ability to empathize, to think, reason and learn individually, to evolve…and to rise above our weaknesses and impulses. It does not exist in shackling ourselves to the words and ideas, of long dead people who could never understand the world we are living in today.

What they imparted upon us is important…but not to the point, of justifying the down right stupid, inhumane and indefensible.

…I think they’d be outraged, if they knew the many ways their names and legacies were being used today.

We Don’t Have to Make a Comment About Everything, When We Comment About Anything…

Date: July 20, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

“You think that if a 15 year old exploits the naivety of an 8 year old that’s ok? […] I think that’s a disgraceful thing to do & I’m concerned that yours is a view shared by a large portion of this community I think that is indefensible.”

Many here, and probably most, are genuinely alarmed and disgusted by substantiated examples of child/youth abuse.

It is an issue which not only impacts children/youth, but it also impacts us, severely.

As someone who is concerned about child/youth welfare, of course, I cannot consider a teenager raping an eight year old to be acceptable. That would be outlandish, to do such. What remains in question, is whether or not this was factually happening. Because there is to little information, and to many volatile factors [ie: an irate and violent father, who might intimidate his own son into mischaracterizing the relationship], I choose the defensible position of holding back comment on the nature of the acts involving the eleven year old and eighteen year old.

This likely explains most people’s motive, in saying little or nothing about it.

Everything about the news report we are responding to…from the headline, to the bulk and flow of the story…to the graphics and media…It is all entirely centered around the savage beating of an eighteen year old, and the cocky bragging of the violent father. Whatever happened with the boy, is only given very brief mention…two or three sentences?…It comes off almost like an afterthought, to the author.

I’m not sure where this has gotten lost on some people…but of course, just like the bulk of the commentators at that article, we are also inclined to respond to the foundation of what is being reported on [the savage beating, and arrogant aftermath].

There are at least a few different peripheral issues of great importance, which we could also discuss. Child rape is one [even if it has not been established, in this case]…Another, is the problem of lack of community, mentorship, structure and accountability within our own minority. Raymond may be an excellent example, of an isolated and not self realized BoyLover, left to fend for himself with no guidance or expectations placed on him.

I think we all have strong understanding, of what happens with so many who are lost in that social fog.

…But the news report was not about those issues.

The fact that these peripheral issues might not have come up, says unequivocally nothing with regards to our communities stance on such issues.

If you want a clarification on how we view such things, then respectfully ask.

There is no justification for putting words into other peoples mouths, nor turning around to judge people like this. Please don’t make baseless claims about us, as a group.