When an individual becomes savagely violent…

Date: July 23, 2014

…Real facts regarding Raymond Frolander…

…Real facts regarding Raymond Frolander…

When an individual becomes savagely violent…

…this always points towards something deep and psychological, within that person.

This, along with the severity of the brutal assault [which is not even remotely normal, nor sane behavior]…is what quickly led me to the conclusion, that there is something very wrong with this dangerous father.

Without it being explicitly stated before now, it was immediately clear…not only was that pure hate…there was a violent murder in progress. If you did not see that from the picture, alone…then you are either blind, or very naïve…

There is a reason why I snuck the term “murder” into one of my previous responses to this…Because attempted murder is written all over this. And here we are, now, with this guy actually admitting, he was in the process of murdering the eighteen year old…And Chief Chitwood still has no grounds to remove this violent, murderous predator from the public?

Who wants to bet, that psycho daddy dearest has a criminal record of his own, and that he has spent more than a little time behind bars, himself?

Anyone with the ability to explode into violent rage, like that…who has 35 years of living behind him…is almost guaranteed to have done some messed up stuff.

If Chief Chitwood admires psycho daddy dearest so much…maybe he can create a special class of deputy…He can have his own “sex abuse survivor” division…Mint off nice shiny badges, which boldly declare the wearer “Sex Abuse Survivor”…Print them off a license, suitable for framing…And set them loose, walking about town and violently assaulting any pervert that “sets off their trigger”…

…I’m confident, in Florida…a lot of people would applaud this…

…After all…don’t “sex abuse survivors” have the god given, righteous, inalienable right, to shit all over and abuse any pervert they don’t like, in whatever way they please?

Reading way to many comments on these news stories…you’d think public sentiment mandates and commissions just exactly that.

…And asking for one million dollars, out of this?!!

…Unless you are going to substantiate, that the eleven year old was being anally raped [or suffered heinous injury], and now needs extensive medical care, then what exactly about this situation requires one million dollars?!

The son seemed plenty spry enough, to stop his grown father from murdering a literally helpless human being…and apparently talk on the phone to police, too…Which doesn’t sound like someone mortally injured.

It sounds like there was something extremely exaggerated and warped, going on in psycho daddy dearests own head.

Oh…but that poor, poor thing…he’s a sex abuse victim, so “it’s all okay”…He’s just getting his entitled righteous revenge by surrogate.

…I am so sick to death of these…people…for whom something bad may have happened…so now they live as though they are entitled to take it all out on other people…without any accountability or consequence to themselves, whatsoever.

Yes…it’s just ludicrous and unthinkable, to expect them to behave in any civilized or humane manner, when their “trigger” has been set off…They cant help themselves…and it’s wrong, after all they’ve endured, to hold them accountable for personal lack of control…violent savagery…murder…

Is there any semblance of legal and social order in Florida, at all?

Forgive me…This post is a tad bit ugly…

…You just have no idea how deeply it disgusts me, watching people make excuses for savage animals like that, and turning a blind eye when they’ve clearly blown way, way past the line of acceptability…

Just because something crappy may have happened to you [Just as crappy things have happened to all of us…Join the freaking club!], does not mean you get a “free pass” in all of the rest of life.

Hell…even genuine victims can cross a line, and transition into something that is very, very wrong. They don’t deserve being defended.

You survey what at times comes off as positively gleeful approval, of this blatantly fucked up, indefensible shit…

…it always brings me back to the depressing understanding, of just why the human species deserves to go extinct…

Being part of this species embarrasses and demoralizes the insane fuck out of me, at times like these.

I have all the genuine human sympathies in the world, for people who’ve been sexually brutalized…But just because your pee pee was touched, before you reached a certain age, does not mean you’ve been transformed into “a human god” walking the planet. Hell…even if you were gang raped, and debilitated for life…this still does not place you above anyone else.

It’s not the fault of every other pervert on this planet, if you were poked or groped by someone you didn’t want.

…Am I an asshole, for saying all of this?…Any of it?

Deep, complicated frustrations…Very deep…Very complicated…Very frustrating.

Sometimes…I’d like something to punch on, too.

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