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Well…They said ‘this’ industry…

Date: July 24, 2014

01) Original News Report

02) UN:Mexico Is Number One In Child Porn Distribution

03) ‘Mexico generates 3.4 billion dollars annually’

…Maybe they are pulling a fast one [a “bait and switch”], by simply stating that Mexico’s purchases in the world porn industry are worth 3.4 billion dollars?

It’s not like anyone is there to force them to clarify, what sliver of that slice has anything to do with “the legally underage”.

Amongst the many things “I have learned about Child Pornography” over the years…

A) No child is required to be involved.

B) No human is required to be involved [other than the producer].

C) No living thing is required to be involved [other than the producer].

D) No visual images are required to be involved.

E) No honest facts are required to be involved.

F) No critical thinking is welcome.

Of course, there’s a lot of territory under these, which also hold true…Like, no boy with a boner is required…no sex act is required…no sight of genitalia is required…

Forgive my ignorance, but…Isn’t CP still legal in Mexico?…at least to own and access?

VlogTV / YouNow…

Date: July 24, 2014

01) Response to This

I’ve never had a terribly high opinion of it, where people “like” us go onto these kinds of websites, for the purpose of living up to pedophile stereotypes…or just being douchebags.

My experience with YouNow is of minimal interest…but I did have an account with it’s predecessor, VlogTV…for the better part of a year, I guess. Except that I’d published fairly comprehensive channel rules, and set the channel up for future use, it was a dormant channel.

For violating none of their terms of service, and having a dormant channel on their website, my account got suspended without warning or given cause.

Curiously, about six months or so later…VlogTV is contacting me by e-mail, inviting me to transfer my info/channel over to YouNow, because they care so much about me as a user and want to help me make the transition easily.

I decided to see what would happen…but the transition never successfully took…YouNow contacted me, offering to help…because they noticed my attempt failed.

I just ignored it…because at most, I’d have noted down any changes in password, etc…and the account would have gone on dormant, until I actually felt like exploring a new service, again…This was a few years ago…I’ve not been back there, since…and I’m not terribly familiar with their service, except that it is more/less like VlogTV.

It would be unfair of me to make any judgment, regarding censorship on YouNow [I would hope it is not like VlogTV.], but, even just these media and social networking type sites…It often just kind of floors me, when I look around and see the myriad of behaviors which take place there regularly [including those like you have mentioned]…yet it is those of us who are boring, not looking for anything questionable, and who just want the little extra, rare, live experience to offer their audience, every now and then…who get the axe dropped on them.

That I would be probably better [or at least no worse] off, if I ran around these websites posting naughty comments to cute little boys…is probably the pinnacle of irony…Especially since I am in your camp on this, and it bothers me to see people out there…doing exactly what they accuse all of us of doing.

When it comes to “pedophiles”…these kinds of services mostly don’t seem to comprehend good behavior, or when it is happening…and they tend to have no clue, where it comes to encouraging the good behavior versus discouraging the bad.