Well…They said ‘this’ industry…

Date: July 24, 2014

01) Original News Report

02) UN:Mexico Is Number One In Child Porn Distribution

03) ‘Mexico generates 3.4 billion dollars annually’

…Maybe they are pulling a fast one [a “bait and switch”], by simply stating that Mexico’s purchases in the world porn industry are worth 3.4 billion dollars?

It’s not like anyone is there to force them to clarify, what sliver of that slice has anything to do with “the legally underage”.

Amongst the many things “I have learned about Child Pornography” over the years…

A) No child is required to be involved.

B) No human is required to be involved [other than the producer].

C) No living thing is required to be involved [other than the producer].

D) No visual images are required to be involved.

E) No honest facts are required to be involved.

F) No critical thinking is welcome.

Of course, there’s a lot of territory under these, which also hold true…Like, no boy with a boner is required…no sex act is required…no sight of genitalia is required…

Forgive my ignorance, but…Isn’t CP still legal in Mexico?…at least to own and access?

1 thought on “Well…They said ‘this’ industry…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I’m not entirely sure why I posed that last question…After all, one BoyChatter famously took a trip into Mexico, with another guy who was transporting CP…and he never returned to the states…He died in one of their prisons…

    …But, then…they were also charged with meeting a young boys for sex…so, it wasn’t all about the CP.

    I don’t know…it was a mindless question, I guess.

    Some places, Child Pornography does remain legal, however.


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