Is Hate Speech a Real Thing?…

Date: July 25, 2014

…In Response To This…

…In Response To This…

“I don’t call for censorship, nor do I believe in such bullshit as hate speech or hate crimes…..”

Hate Speech is the behavior, of speaking and spreading misinformation for the purpose of dehumanizing a person or group…generally for the purpose, of hastening or maintaining some ill consequence upon that person or group.

It is a real, tangible, concrete behavior.

It would be true to say, however…that a lot of people out of ignorance engage in speech, which is difficult to distinguish from hate speech…This is because their level of understanding, and their true intent, may not be clear.

Just because somebody is saying something ugly and untrue, does not mean that they know it is untrue…nor that they are intentionally saying it, despite that it is untrue…nor that their intention is to injure others, with ugly lies.

Groups where hate speech is more common, are those who adhere to “the ends justify the means”…groups and individuals who don’t care about how dirty they have to get, to injure and destroy others.

All this said…I was screaming bloody murder, when they passed hate speech law in the U.S. This is not something that can be addressed with the law, and it is dangerous to put these types of issues and judgments at the mercy of the “justice” system.

By strict definition, I have to eat a little bit of crow myself…and admit that I have pointed out others words as examples of hate speech, when in reality…they may have just been ignorantly repeating what they’ve been indoctrinated with.

I do find it useful, however…to equate some types of ignorance propagation, with equally harmful hate speech…Because I hope it makes people from another perspective, really stop and consider what impact their words are having…Plus, there are simply times when intent behind the words don’t really effect the injurious impact of them.

Some people claim pedophiles are animals that rape and torment children, and that we deserve to be strung up by our balls and used for target practice [or murdered, in any number of demented manner].

…Does it really matter, whether they honestly believe this or not?…They’ve socially reinforced not only the dehumanization of someone like me…but they’ve also reinforced an atmosphere of violence and cruelty, aimed at people like me…all in the face of the fact, that it is not true…at least not about me, or any number of people like me.

Some falsehoods attacking others cross the line so egregiously…that they should be called out as hate speech.

If nothing else…it opens up a dialogue, where people can start to discuss what is objectively true, and what is not.

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