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Ending Homelessness…

Date: July 28, 2014

I’d like to share a few resources with you…

01) Melville Charitable Trust

02) Melville Charitable Trust Blog

03) National Alliance to End Homelessness

04) HUD.GOV – Local Homeless Assistance

05) National Coalition for the Homeless

06) United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

Being amongst a handful of different groups who are known at high risk for homelessness [including physical disability], the issues of the homeless have weighted heavy on my mind over a large portion of my life.

My concerns aren’t just because this issue confronts me on a frequent basis, however…

…I cant help but ask the same question that many others do…

Why…when we have billions of dollars to spend on war and weaponry…when we have untold billions to pay out in foreign aid…when we still have the problem of government waste…why are we watching all these billions of dollars leaving our social coffers, while this nationwide crisis is simultaneously going on within our own borders?

I have to echo a sentiment from the Melville Charitable Trust…It is an outright scandal, that the wealthiest nation on this planet [at any point during earths recorded history of existence], has allowed it’s priorities to get so far out of sync with its needs…and has callously allowed this problem to fester.

…There is simply no excuse for people to be homeless, anywhere within the USA. We have the means to end this problem…We are just not putting those means to that use.

It is a true embarrassment…a true shame…a true weakness…when a nation wont even look out for its own.