Hate Speech Against Pedophiles, Is Still Hate Speech…

Date: July 29, 2014

…Response to This…

…Response to This…

“Interesting, those countries that have outlawed hate speech (like Canada) haven’t adopted the kill the paedo stuff as a form of hate speech.”

…And it’s very troubling, that they have not.

The thing about only “special classes” of hate speech being covered, is that it sidesteps the problem for certain demographics. By omission, they essentially encourage certain types of hate speech…when they are having a law, supposedly to curtail hate speech.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve harped on this issue, in the past.

…I don’t want people locked up for expressing nasty things…But if anyone is going to have the nerve to write and maintain laws against hate speech…then they have no business picking and choosing what flavor of hate speech they want to go after.

I’ve seen the kind of stuff you mention, nitro…and I think it is a disgrace, and shows how honestly uncommitted to the cause lawmakers are, when hate speech against pedophiles is not even acknowledged in these laws…It is one of the worst, most saturated and vile forms of hate speech in existence.

It’s like I was saying when they wrote and passed these laws in the U.S…when it comes to pedophiles [and ephebophiles], you are not going to find any demographic in more dire need of the protection, that these laws claim to provide…Yet, it’s only going to the politically correct gays and lesbians.

If that doesn’t tell you that these laws are a politically correct sham, and that nobody honestly cares about fighting hate speech where it actually counts the most…then I don’t believe anything will.

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