Jason Browning: The Deeper We Dig, the More Alarming it Gets…

Date: July 29, 2014

…Responding to This…

…Responding to This…

[Please forgive that I did not provide an anonymized link, for the following links, but if you Click Here, you can easily copy and paste the link URLs into the proxy service.]

“Who wants to bet, that psycho daddy dearest has a criminal record of his own, and that he has spent more than a little time behind bars, himself?”


It looks like Jason Browning got probation, over a felony and other assorted, dangerous criminal behavior.

On February 25th of 2009, Jason Browning was arrested for false imprisonment, aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, aggravated battery with intent to harm, display of a gun or other weapon, and misdemeanor assault.

In other words…this guy took somebody hostage [or at least prevented them from being able to flee], with a gun or other weapon, and violently assaulted them.

I’m not sure why someone only gets probation for something like that…but then, maybe he was locked up for the year [and not simply in limbo with the court] prior to probation…It is not clarified. I’d suggest it is mighty messed up, when the people who need to be in prison are not.

…But did I not peg this one, dead on?

Jason Browning is no hero or sweetheart…he is a dangerous, violent sociopath.

I feel terrible for any son, who has to look at that…and call it “father”…What a horrible tragedy, for that poor kid…on more levels than just one.

As if all that has been revealed about this guy is not bad enough…


…A post or two down, we see that Jason paused long enough to pull out his phone, and take photos of the motionless, battered, bloody body of Raymond, laying on his floor. Allegedly, Jason was not to irate to compose himself, long enough to stop the beating, snap pictures of what he was doing, type up text messages, and send boasting messages to his friends…

That is not even remotely normal…It is not behavior, consistent with a “crime of rage” [which would be a frenzied loss of control]. This guy was intent on murdering Raymond, someone who is described as “part of the family”, and “like a brother to his own son”, and he is bragging about it while in progress, via his cell phone…

…This guy is all manner of psychologically messed up…

You know what this says to me?…

…It tells me that Jason is an incredibly cruel and stupid sociopath [this should have come back to bite him in the ass, wickedly, given his past]…It tells me that Florida laws are insanely messed up…And it strongly suggests to me, that Jason probably had his suspicions about Raymond’s sexual leanings, and being the sociopath he is, thought to himself…”Here is my chance to kill a fag, and get away with it.”

…He was photographing it all, and sending it out with text messages, while committing the attempted murder…And Florida law enforcement sees no problem with psycho daddy dearest?!!!

…To say nothing of the money grubbing douchbaggery stunt…

…This guy is all manner of bad seed…And his intelligence is so shallow, that he cant figure out that exploiting this mere hours after it occurred, is going to expose him for what he is.

…The fact that he even considered ever doing that, at all…This guy is not fit to be a parent…nor to care for, or be around children.

What a tragedy for that poor kid, who is his son…There is no way I can believe, that boy has never been the target of this guys abuse [even if “only” verbal and threatening posture]…and if he has not been, then it is only a matter of time…When he grows into a teen, and starts doing his own thing…and psycho daddy dearest doesn’t like it…

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