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Heretic TOC: Why I am talking to the terrorists…

Date: August 27, 2014

…Why I am talking to the terrorists…

…Why I am talking to the terrorists…

While it is not always true that the enemy is just someone you’ve yet to win over…I’ve often felt that they [most people] should be approached, with a dose of that mindset.

Holding a diplomatic dialogue, with those in a system oppressive towards us, with an aim to bridge understanding…that is admirable.

I don’t have any problems with this, at all. In fact, I’d like to see much more respectful “give and take” exchange, becoming the norm in how we interact with others.

Another thing…standing on their turf, while contesting and making your own case, is powerful. It says “my ideas and voice belongs here”, in a way that you just cant replicate through other venues.

This is one of the reasons, why I forge a space for myself outside of the sheltered boards…It’s important to “stand on their turf”.

…And I agree with [Tom]…Not everybody who gets caught up into the sex abuse industry, is a misunderstood saint, lacking all need for outside intervention.

Are All Men Pedophiles?…

Date: August 27, 2014

…”Are All Men Pedophiles?”, The Movie…

Movie Trailers:

Watch the Full Movie: Purchase DVD Click Here

I’ve not yet watched this documentary, but it looks like it might be worth a view…I’m just going into a period, where my financial funds need to be spent very conservatively…So, I probably wont get a copy of this, for quite a while.

I wanted to acknowledge it on my blog, however…

…From reading the reviews, I’m not sure what to make of this…other than it is very controversial…it apparently gives some good information…some are claiming it really focuses on hebephillia and ephebophilia, and not actual pedophilia…one reviewer even claims this documentary says sexual relations with prepubescent individuals “is wrong”…

Since I cant watch it right now, and I’m going to put this on my “to do” list…I’ll refrain from making any presumptions about it, or it’s quality.

For the record, however…I would hope that it is not biased against prepubescent children and pedophiles [by literal definition].

Prepubescent people have the capacity to experience a rich, meaningful sex life…It would be a shame, if a bold film with a title like this failed to give the prepubescent and pedophiles their fair due…or at least a level, fair assessment.

…Well…anyway…This goes on my “to do” list…

Related, and interesting:

Sin Jones – Commentator, Poison Apple Radio

Kind of an interesting listen…Sin Jones is responding to this documentary. She comes off really level headed…and she covers a lot of information. The only strange thing, is that I cannot tell if Sin is pleased with this documentary, or what…She just sort of seems to use it as a springboard, to launch into sharing a lot of information.

…But she is very critical of the system, it’s pitfalls and contradictions.

This is worth listening too…Though she does eventually claim “real pedophilia does harm”…So, this is not entirely progressive, or fair to pedophilia.

An Expose On Megans Law…

Date: August 25, 2014

…Twenty years later, has Megan’s Law delivered?…

…Twenty years later, has Megan’s Law delivered?…

“It’s been 20 years since New Jersey’s Legislature passed Megan’s Law. The two decades since have been filled with legal challenges and disappointment it didn’t accomplish what many thought it would. It’s what happens when politics and emotion team to shortcut the legislative process.

The law is named for Megan Kanka, who was raped and killed in 1994 when she was 7 after being lured into the home of a twice-convicted sex offender, Jesse Timmendequas, who lived across the street from the child.

Her parents, Maureen and Richard, lobbied the Legislature for a law to require registration of sex offenders; it was named after their daughter. It went into effect just months after her horrible death.

[…] Haytaian bragged he “fast-tracked Megan’s Law.” Both chambers of the Legislature were controlled by Republicans, and so was the Governor’s Office.


In 2009, a study by the state Department of Corrections and Rutgers University concluded Megan’s Law doesn’t deter sex offenders in New Jersey. The report says it makes it easier to find them because of registration, but you don’t need a report to tell us that. It also said the cost of carrying out the law — the report used $5.1 million, the cost in 2007 — may not be justified.”

Here we have a recent article, refreshing our memory on the down right deplorable circumstances, in which Megans Law came into being.

…It was rammed through legislature, as a political stunt, and as an intended career stepping stone, for Republican Garabed Haytaian.

…And we see the fruits of Megans Law, have been consistently quite rotten.

What is being expressed regarding the failures and problems of the reckless and incompetent Megans Law, is nothing new…But this article lays out the history of a law that never should have been, nicely.

As is typical…they pounced on a freak circumstance, and exploited it to get something in place, which they would go on to use against thousands of people…most of whom never had any crimes, that even resembled that of Megans horrible fate.

…”Big surprise”…employing this law against your common sexual deviant, is neither useful nor practical…It is overkill, and causes more problems than it solves.

I am sorry Megan Kanka was raped and murdered…but Jesse Timmendequas is not the poster boy face of the rest of us sexual deviants

You cannot judge the rest of us, by the actions of Jesse Timmendequas…He is not fit to be amongst the public, as he literally is a predator…

GAO: Pentagon violated law with Bergdahl swap…

Date: August 22, 2014

…GAO: Pentagon violated law with Bergdahl swap…

…GAO: Pentagon violated law with Bergdahl swap…

“WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon broke the law when it swapped Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a prisoner in Afghanistan for five years, for five Taliban leaders, congressional investigators said Thursday.

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said the Defense Department failed to notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the exchange — a clear violation of the law — and used $988,400 of a wartime account to make the transfer. The GAO also said the Pentagon’s use of funds that hadn’t been expressly appropriated violated the Antideficiency Act.”

I think this was predictable.

It’s not that I have a whole lot left to say about the Bergdahl case…I just wanted to bring this up here, because of the other posts I’ve made about this [use the search box on the side to find them, if you like].

Bowe Bergdahl is an extremely lucky human being, to be alive at all.

I don’t know how long the investigation on him is going to last…but I sincerely find it offensive, that he is still being called sergeant…that he has not been at least somehow suspended in pay and rank…and that he is essentially just going about some type of military career, after all of this…

…After all the zany things which have transpired in this case…I’ve been literally anticipating that Bowe wont even face any repercussions, from his desertion and possible treason.

I was thinking this would get smoothed over…that it would be allowed to fade out of the media…that most people would just forget about it, and they’d move on as if none of this had ever happened.

…I’m not really expecting a just outcome…

…But I might be wrong…Who knows?

New Pages Published!…


Date: August 21, 2014

My goodness…

…I only started with intent to post a few things, then I got onto a roll and decided to publish all the blog pages waiting to be published…I managed fourteen…There are still about four more, but they need to be spell checked and/or finished.

These particular ones are going to go under the “About Steve Diamond” section, in the sidebar…At least three of them, are relatively long…But each shares something which is unique, and I wanted to give a more permanent place on this blog to.

Oh…and I am also going to open up The Links Hub…which you should see a link to, in the sidebar…Not everything linked there, is entirely ready to open up…But I’m tired of setting on what is mostly ready to go [the new OLF links page and EQF Community Links]…I cant promise when I will get the remainder finished, but…eventually, I will…and I’ve more sections to add.

Accessible Pedophilia

A Different Kind of Speech

Context, Context, Context

Fewer Victims

Figuring it Out

Hate for Antis?

Homosexuals Hate Me?

How Dare I Take Any CSA Victim to Task?

The Links I Choose to Share

We Need to Speak the Same Language

What makes a life worth living?

When You Realize You Are a “Pedophile”

Why All of This?

You Cannot Champion Human Rights

The August Banners:

I don’t know how many people appreciate this feature, but I put a substantial enough effort into providing several unique blog header banners, every month…I’ve enjoyed doing the “famous people quotes” series…And I think it adds a fun, little, lively something to this blog, having these banners that rotate and get changed monthly…

…Which is why it is especially driving me up the wall, that WordPress seems to keep losing several of my banners, shortly after I upload them…This month, I’ve deleted and uploaded the same set of nine, three times over…

I’m guessing, they are having some sort of problem with one of their servers…but I’m getting really tired of this…and hope that it is resolved, soon. This has been dragging on, too long…and these banners have been down, more than they have been up.



Jessica Gordon Nembhard: Cooperative Economics and Civil Rights…

Date: August 21, 2014


“The Laura Flanders show streams from What role did economic cooperation play in the civil rights movement? As it turns out, a huge one. This forgotten history is the focus of Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard’s recent book Collective Courage: A History of African-American Economic Thought and Practice, out in bookstores in May.”

Ring of Fire 08/17/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: August 20, 2014

…Ring of Fire 08/17/2014 (FULL EPISODE…

Published on Aug 18, 2014
00:44 – “The Tea Party’s Charity Swindle.” David TeSelle explains how pro-troop charities are being used to fund Tea Party candidates. #TeaPartyCheats

10:10 – “Scalia’s Son Sabotaging Wall Street Reform.” Howard Nations tells us how Antonin Scalia’s son is working to undermine meaningful finance reform. #FinanceReform

19:44 – “BP Still Won’t Pay Up.” Newspaper publisher Rick Outzen talks about BP’s ongoing fight to avoid their full liability for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster. #PayUpBP

29:23 – “McDonnell Trial Highlights GOP’s Corrupt Nature.” David Haynes explains why the Bob McDonnell trial is a prime example of the GOP culture of corruption. #McDonnellTrial

38:11 – “V.A. Horror Stories Mounting.” Christopher Lavorato gives us the latest developments in the VA care scandal that is leaving our troops with subpar care. #VADisaster

47:13 – “The Backstory.” Progressive host David Pakman joins us for a discussion of the news that the corporate media refused to talk about.

A Tribute to Walter Harlan Mike Echols?…

Date: August 11, 2014

bulletproofcyrus13 gives us an obviously unaware homage to Mike Echols…lite on facts…heavy on speculation…

…Walter Harlan Mike Echols…

He implies Mike lived life being harassed and was likely murdered…all the while, making no mention of Mikes own varied, and quite serious, criminal history…or that Mike was a convicted child abuser…

…Mind you, bulletproofcyrus13 has a lot of curious notions, you will discover if digging deeper into his collection of personal videos…

…He’s got something against the Vatican, and seems to believe the Vatican is involved in some CIA world conspiracy…to murder people that in any way attack pedophiles [or some mysterious “pedophile network” *]…Allegedly, this has something to do with Steven Stayners death [a vehicle accident].

…Steven Stayner…

This one spins off into all sorts of fantastical claims…including the summoning of demons…

Watching a few more of bulletproofcyrus13’s videos…I’m sorry to say this, but I have to presume that he is mentally ill.

This is another conspiracy theorist, who comes off like a paranoid schizophrenic…Which is sad and tragic…and I know people have hard lives, and sometimes they like to escape into this fantasy world of “good versus evil”, where they are “fighting some supernatural, overwhelming evil, that’s going after the children”…Because it makes them feel like…I don’t know…a hero?…that their life has vastly more important meaning?…

Life tares into us all…and it breaks us down, for the most part…Some people have it worse than others…but a lot of people cannot psychologically handle what is happening…or reality…so they retreat into these dark fantasies…often for so long, that they start believing in them…and start talking about them, as if they were fact.

…I sympathize with people, who are having a hard time with things…But that does not oblige me, to remain silent in the face of ignorance.

Some facts about Mike Echols:

Mike was an obnoxious, burdensome, social menace…a self righteous bully…and a total hypocrite.

Mike brazenly violated child pornography law, by downloading child pornography and republishing it on his website [with sections blurred out].

Mike was a foster parent [attempting to adopt, if I remember correctly], who lost custody after violently assaulting at least one child in his care. He was a violent child abuser, according to court records.

Mike spent much of his time, targeting, stalking and menacing people online [and offline], who were not even engaged in criminal activity. Many of his victims were guilty of nothing more, than exercising their voices, discussing opinions, working through personal issues, and sharing parts of their lives with people who can empathize [their peers].

Mike was all about censorship [except when it came to himself], and he did not care if his target was a harmless, law abiding individual…Mike was a zealot, blinded by dogmatic hate.

Mike had a substantial criminal record, entirely separate from his online activity. He was considered a social menace, who had restraining orders take out against him. He also spent time locked up in jail.

Accounts I have seen indicate that Mike was a person with an aggressive, vindictive and violent temper.

Contrary to what bulletproofcyrus13’s video claims about Mike being actively deprived of his medication [allegedly, part of the conspiracy to kill Mike]…Mike had not published anything in years, and his income stream was drying up. He either could not work, or would not work, so he lost the place he was renting. He then took up living out of his vehicle, on government property. That he apparently could no longer get his heart medication, had nothing to do with some “hidden government” blocking him from it…Good grief!…Mike was doing exactly, verbatim, what the U.S. government has taken up doing to pedosexuals…It has even been pointed out, that Mike essentially invented the template for modern day sex offender registries. **

Mike died in his prison cell, where he was found dead…not by being thrown off the roof, as bulletproofcyrus13 speculates. He was in poor health, and had been for some time. He was diabetic…Apparently, his homeless state may have exacerbated his condition. If what it sounded like is true…Mike probably would have died within a few years, regardless of what happened to him.

Many of us took exception, to Mike’s relentless, vulgar abuse and threats…especially when he brought it to our support forums.

I know these things, because I was around…I was made aware of them…and I have seen his handwork, personally. He even started up his behavior with me, at one point.

Most of us, even those of us he most aggressively attacked, gave Mike more dignity in the aftermath of his death…than Mike ever gave any of us during his life…Mike never wanted to acknowledge, or treat us as human beings…We were just a surrogate for him, to throw his abuse and hate towards.

…Many of us believe, that Mike was a self hating pedophile, who could never come to terms with himself, so he turned on those of us who do accept ourselves as we are. Whether this was just the ultimate self lie, an act of warped “redemption”, or a campaign to hide and cocoon himself within social rage, we will never know.

Mike Echols does not deserve the praise and accolades of others…He was a deeply flawed, very abusive person…He was, himself, a criminal and a violent child abuser…He was a sociopath, who figured out he could get away with it, if only he directed it at “pedophiles”.

…At most, he deserves to be pitied…a cautionary tale, on how far we can fall, if we don’t get hold of our own emotions and mental state.

* As an actual, living, existing pedophile, I often find it astonishing what people will make up and claim “about pedophiles”. The “hidden pedophile network” is one social superstition, which I find particularly distasteful, because of the way it has been used to demonize pedosexuals. Propagation of this myth, has been a type of hate act…And I would call it hate speech, which rivals that aimed at Jews.

In all of my years of social activity, and socializing with fellow pedosexuals…I have yet to discover anything, which substantiates the existence of some “hidden pedophile network”, that is intent on protecting pedosexuals [pedophiles, ephebophiles, etc.]…On the contrary…This appears to be complete bunk, fully made up by pure screwballs.

If said organization actually did exist…I must say…they must be wholly inept, at actually protecting pedosexuals…as well as at silencing those who attack us.

…People who attack us, run rampant all over the place, without accountability or fear of reprisal, no matter what they say or do.

** I want to know, how in the world does anyone reconcile this notion…that so many of todays governments are blatantly doing, just exactly the sort of thing Mike was…Yet, supposedly, elements within these same governments are murdering people who do that?…Have you ever taken a look at the anti-pedophile propaganda, created and published by so many of these same governments?…Have you ever stopped to notice, what is happen to pedosexuals at the hands of these governments?

Grace Hill Cemetery…

Date: August 11, 2014

…I vow to someday make a pilgrimage…

…I vow to someday make a pilgrimage…

Several of us should get together, and make a trip to [Mike Echols] grave…

…I’d love to take video, of us standing over his grave, sharing our fondest memories.

We could all print up stickers…”Peanuts Was Here!”…”Steve-D Was Here!”…”Yadda Yadda Was Here!”…and cover his headstone with them…

…It would be fun!

…You don’t think we’d get in trouble for that, do you? 😉

The Burial Spot of Walter Harlan “Mike” Echols

Grace Hill Cemetery
Gregg County
Texas, USA

Don’t really want to go to Texas…Would be quite a road trip for me…

…The notion still remains attractive.

Can you imagine, a nice, big, blue BLogo, pasted on the front of that headstone?…The very thought makes me giggle. 🙂

Would it be a desecration of the BLogo, to do that?

If you are not aware of who Walter Harlan Mike Echols is: