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An Attainable Goal?…

Date: August 05, 2014

01) What do we want! When do we want it… etc

“…what realistically would we seek to achieve and what methods would you suggest we employ to effectively realise this?”

We need to establish that we not only have a right to be here, and to have a public face…but that there is a solid necessity, in us having that.

I’ve been a strong supporter of reaching out to the public, all along…Granted, sometimes it is extremely hard, given the various malcontent to contend with, both within and from people who don’t identify with us.

…But I would hope my actions have spoken for themselves, and that people understand…”normal” people are an indispensable part of any solution we can come to.

We simply need better relations…even if in the early goings, that only means garnering respect from limited, open minded sectors of society…We need that foothold, and that place of trust.

How?…well…Would it come off as “to cheap”, for me to quote Gandhi and say…Be the change in this world, you wish to see?

A lot of people scoff at this [including some here]…but long term exposure, and outlasting what hate exists towards us, is an important act…Becoming part of the normal mix of voices, is important…even if you accomplish nothing else beyond that.

Making aggressors understand that you are not going away, no matter how many times they push you down…to the point where they finally get tired, and just give up…this is a fight worth waging.

We need a world where it is clear…”the pedophile voice is here to stay”…and society needs “the pedophile voice”…The masses don’t need to like it, but they need to be broken of this notion they have any right to censor our simple speech.

Since there is no organized effort to join, without compromising my ethics…I choose to stubbornly do my own part, on my own terms.

I don’t believe this goal is unattainable…though it does need a lot more people fighting on its behalf.