A Tribute to Walter Harlan Mike Echols?…

Date: August 11, 2014

bulletproofcyrus13 gives us an obviously unaware homage to Mike Echols…lite on facts…heavy on speculation…

…Walter Harlan Mike Echols…

He implies Mike lived life being harassed and was likely murdered…all the while, making no mention of Mikes own varied, and quite serious, criminal history…or that Mike was a convicted child abuser…

…Mind you, bulletproofcyrus13 has a lot of curious notions, you will discover if digging deeper into his collection of personal videos…

…He’s got something against the Vatican, and seems to believe the Vatican is involved in some CIA world conspiracy…to murder people that in any way attack pedophiles [or some mysterious “pedophile network” *]…Allegedly, this has something to do with Steven Stayners death [a vehicle accident].

…Steven Stayner…

This one spins off into all sorts of fantastical claims…including the summoning of demons…

Watching a few more of bulletproofcyrus13’s videos…I’m sorry to say this, but I have to presume that he is mentally ill.

This is another conspiracy theorist, who comes off like a paranoid schizophrenic…Which is sad and tragic…and I know people have hard lives, and sometimes they like to escape into this fantasy world of “good versus evil”, where they are “fighting some supernatural, overwhelming evil, that’s going after the children”…Because it makes them feel like…I don’t know…a hero?…that their life has vastly more important meaning?…

Life tares into us all…and it breaks us down, for the most part…Some people have it worse than others…but a lot of people cannot psychologically handle what is happening…or reality…so they retreat into these dark fantasies…often for so long, that they start believing in them…and start talking about them, as if they were fact.

…I sympathize with people, who are having a hard time with things…But that does not oblige me, to remain silent in the face of ignorance.

Some facts about Mike Echols:

Mike was an obnoxious, burdensome, social menace…a self righteous bully…and a total hypocrite.

Mike brazenly violated child pornography law, by downloading child pornography and republishing it on his website [with sections blurred out].

Mike was a foster parent [attempting to adopt, if I remember correctly], who lost custody after violently assaulting at least one child in his care. He was a violent child abuser, according to court records.

Mike spent much of his time, targeting, stalking and menacing people online [and offline], who were not even engaged in criminal activity. Many of his victims were guilty of nothing more, than exercising their voices, discussing opinions, working through personal issues, and sharing parts of their lives with people who can empathize [their peers].

Mike was all about censorship [except when it came to himself], and he did not care if his target was a harmless, law abiding individual…Mike was a zealot, blinded by dogmatic hate.

Mike had a substantial criminal record, entirely separate from his online activity. He was considered a social menace, who had restraining orders take out against him. He also spent time locked up in jail.

Accounts I have seen indicate that Mike was a person with an aggressive, vindictive and violent temper.

Contrary to what bulletproofcyrus13’s video claims about Mike being actively deprived of his medication [allegedly, part of the conspiracy to kill Mike]…Mike had not published anything in years, and his income stream was drying up. He either could not work, or would not work, so he lost the place he was renting. He then took up living out of his vehicle, on government property. That he apparently could no longer get his heart medication, had nothing to do with some “hidden government” blocking him from it…Good grief!…Mike was doing exactly, verbatim, what the U.S. government has taken up doing to pedosexuals…It has even been pointed out, that Mike essentially invented the template for modern day sex offender registries. **

Mike died in his prison cell, where he was found dead…not by being thrown off the roof, as bulletproofcyrus13 speculates. He was in poor health, and had been for some time. He was diabetic…Apparently, his homeless state may have exacerbated his condition. If what it sounded like is true…Mike probably would have died within a few years, regardless of what happened to him.

Many of us took exception, to Mike’s relentless, vulgar abuse and threats…especially when he brought it to our support forums.

I know these things, because I was around…I was made aware of them…and I have seen his handwork, personally. He even started up his behavior with me, at one point.

Most of us, even those of us he most aggressively attacked, gave Mike more dignity in the aftermath of his death…than Mike ever gave any of us during his life…Mike never wanted to acknowledge, or treat us as human beings…We were just a surrogate for him, to throw his abuse and hate towards.

…Many of us believe, that Mike was a self hating pedophile, who could never come to terms with himself, so he turned on those of us who do accept ourselves as we are. Whether this was just the ultimate self lie, an act of warped “redemption”, or a campaign to hide and cocoon himself within social rage, we will never know.

Mike Echols does not deserve the praise and accolades of others…He was a deeply flawed, very abusive person…He was, himself, a criminal and a violent child abuser…He was a sociopath, who figured out he could get away with it, if only he directed it at “pedophiles”.

…At most, he deserves to be pitied…a cautionary tale, on how far we can fall, if we don’t get hold of our own emotions and mental state.

* As an actual, living, existing pedophile, I often find it astonishing what people will make up and claim “about pedophiles”. The “hidden pedophile network” is one social superstition, which I find particularly distasteful, because of the way it has been used to demonize pedosexuals. Propagation of this myth, has been a type of hate act…And I would call it hate speech, which rivals that aimed at Jews.

In all of my years of social activity, and socializing with fellow pedosexuals…I have yet to discover anything, which substantiates the existence of some “hidden pedophile network”, that is intent on protecting pedosexuals [pedophiles, ephebophiles, etc.]…On the contrary…This appears to be complete bunk, fully made up by pure screwballs.

If said organization actually did exist…I must say…they must be wholly inept, at actually protecting pedosexuals…as well as at silencing those who attack us.

…People who attack us, run rampant all over the place, without accountability or fear of reprisal, no matter what they say or do.

** I want to know, how in the world does anyone reconcile this notion…that so many of todays governments are blatantly doing, just exactly the sort of thing Mike was…Yet, supposedly, elements within these same governments are murdering people who do that?…Have you ever taken a look at the anti-pedophile propaganda, created and published by so many of these same governments?…Have you ever stopped to notice, what is happen to pedosexuals at the hands of these governments?

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