Grace Hill Cemetery…

Date: August 11, 2014

…I vow to someday make a pilgrimage…

…I vow to someday make a pilgrimage…

Several of us should get together, and make a trip to [Mike Echols] grave…

…I’d love to take video, of us standing over his grave, sharing our fondest memories.

We could all print up stickers…”Peanuts Was Here!”…”Steve-D Was Here!”…”Yadda Yadda Was Here!”…and cover his headstone with them…

…It would be fun!

…You don’t think we’d get in trouble for that, do you? 😉

The Burial Spot of Walter Harlan “Mike” Echols

Grace Hill Cemetery
Gregg County
Texas, USA

Don’t really want to go to Texas…Would be quite a road trip for me…

…The notion still remains attractive.

Can you imagine, a nice, big, blue BLogo, pasted on the front of that headstone?…The very thought makes me giggle. 🙂

Would it be a desecration of the BLogo, to do that?

If you are not aware of who Walter Harlan Mike Echols is:

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