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New Pages Published!…


Date: August 21, 2014

My goodness…

…I only started with intent to post a few things, then I got onto a roll and decided to publish all the blog pages waiting to be published…I managed fourteen…There are still about four more, but they need to be spell checked and/or finished.

These particular ones are going to go under the “About Steve Diamond” section, in the sidebar…At least three of them, are relatively long…But each shares something which is unique, and I wanted to give a more permanent place on this blog to.

Oh…and I am also going to open up The Links Hub…which you should see a link to, in the sidebar…Not everything linked there, is entirely ready to open up…But I’m tired of setting on what is mostly ready to go [the new OLF links page and EQF Community Links]…I cant promise when I will get the remainder finished, but…eventually, I will…and I’ve more sections to add.

Accessible Pedophilia

A Different Kind of Speech

Context, Context, Context

Fewer Victims

Figuring it Out

Hate for Antis?

Homosexuals Hate Me?

How Dare I Take Any CSA Victim to Task?

The Links I Choose to Share

We Need to Speak the Same Language

What makes a life worth living?

When You Realize You Are a “Pedophile”

Why All of This?

You Cannot Champion Human Rights

The August Banners:

I don’t know how many people appreciate this feature, but I put a substantial enough effort into providing several unique blog header banners, every month…I’ve enjoyed doing the “famous people quotes” series…And I think it adds a fun, little, lively something to this blog, having these banners that rotate and get changed monthly…

…Which is why it is especially driving me up the wall, that WordPress seems to keep losing several of my banners, shortly after I upload them…This month, I’ve deleted and uploaded the same set of nine, three times over…

I’m guessing, they are having some sort of problem with one of their servers…but I’m getting really tired of this…and hope that it is resolved, soon. This has been dragging on, too long…and these banners have been down, more than they have been up.



Jessica Gordon Nembhard: Cooperative Economics and Civil Rights…

Date: August 21, 2014


“The Laura Flanders show streams from GRITtv.org. What role did economic cooperation play in the civil rights movement? As it turns out, a huge one. This forgotten history is the focus of Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard’s recent book Collective Courage: A History of African-American Economic Thought and Practice, out in bookstores in May.”

Ring of Fire 08/17/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: August 20, 2014

…Ring of Fire 08/17/2014 (FULL EPISODE…

Published on Aug 18, 2014
00:44 – “The Tea Party’s Charity Swindle.” David TeSelle explains how pro-troop charities are being used to fund Tea Party candidates. #TeaPartyCheats

10:10 – “Scalia’s Son Sabotaging Wall Street Reform.” Howard Nations tells us how Antonin Scalia’s son is working to undermine meaningful finance reform. #FinanceReform

19:44 – “BP Still Won’t Pay Up.” Newspaper publisher Rick Outzen talks about BP’s ongoing fight to avoid their full liability for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster. #PayUpBP

29:23 – “McDonnell Trial Highlights GOP’s Corrupt Nature.” David Haynes explains why the Bob McDonnell trial is a prime example of the GOP culture of corruption. #McDonnellTrial

38:11 – “V.A. Horror Stories Mounting.” Christopher Lavorato gives us the latest developments in the VA care scandal that is leaving our troops with subpar care. #VADisaster

47:13 – “The Backstory.” Progressive host David Pakman joins us for a discussion of the news that the corporate media refused to talk about.