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Lifelong Friendships Are Rare…

Date: August 10, 2014

01) Boy/boy relationships continuing into adulthood?

“A colleague recently raised the question as to whether boy peer friendships which include exploratory, experimental, and pleasure-seeking sex can continue into adulthood minus the sex. He wasn’t talking about gay relationships that began in boyhood, but was wondering if adult men could/would remain close nonsexual friends if they had explored sex together as boys.”

Thinking back for myself…there were only a small handful, that went anywhere beyond school acquaintance…and none of them became sexual. These relationships for me were transient…even with my best friends.

…We met, clicked, bonded…and were “inseparable” for a year or two…then something happened…someone changed schools or moved away…the bond was broken.

To me…it just doesn’t seem like a normal thing, for childhood friends to become adult friends…They are not usually allowed to…There are to many factors working against it…and many of those factors don’t even care, about the nature of the relationship.

Childhood relationships are expendable, in this world…Which is really a shameful thing.

Against that backdrop, I have to say…the relationships where kids had sex, grew up and maintained a relationship without the sex, would be very rare.

…Not at all impossible…but very rare.

Thinking back…I suppose I did have the lightest form of sexual experience with one best friend…but the hands on experiences always happened with cousins. Cousins are, of course, a bit of a different relationship. I’ve fallen out of contact with my cousins…but for years there were family events that kept getting us back together. I would not call any of us close, but there is still a bond of sorts.

At times, I have wanted to pose some questions and see what responses I’d get…I don’t know if it would be denial, or what…but I have to wonder, how they would approach our history today.

We don’t talk about it…probably because we know we stepped outside of “social norms”, and realize it’s safer left in the past…maybe because we don’t know how the other will respond.

Be Present, Be Kind, Be Available, Be…

Date: August 10, 2014

01) Question about yf

“I am having a difficult time handling the imbalance in the relationship. Simply, he is my world and I am not his. What do I do?”

Four rules to live by, when interacting with boys…

Be Present, Be Kind, Be Available, Be Reasonable.

…Another, is to understand that others have expectations of you [including fellow BoyLovers], should you be granted the privilege of befriending a young person [a child, adolescent or teen].

If any of us becomes so foolish as to not respect these expectations…it can blow up in our faces.

Children aren’t really raised to seek or accept these kinds of relationships…So, it’s important to not expect anything specific out of them.

All too often, we are the alien…when we should be letting them be the one that comes to us.

Kids are plentiful…If you are just simply present, kind, available and reasonable, for a long enough period of time…you will eventually come across the one who comes around and hangs around. You have to let them click with you, and come around for their own reasons.

…It may take years for this to happen…It might be the least cute kid you’ve ever seen…It might be a kid “three years too old”…It might be a kid with behavioral problems…Or it might be a sweet and perfect kid [based on ones own opinion]…

The important thing to know, is that life drops these relationships into our life, at unannounced intervals…We don’t get to pick and choose, like going to a car dealership, and picking out what fits our fancy…

…And when it is clear we are an alien, they’re not especially interested in…the intelligent thing to do is back off, but remain present, kind, available and reasonable. Understand, this connection may never happen…and be prepared to let it be.

I would go one step further…and suggest that BoyLovers who find themselves enchanted by a boy, should understand this does not mean it was ever meant to be. It must be a two way street, on a personal and emotional level. If it is missing in either part, then it’s not happening.

…One last thing…

…Many BoyLovers fall for “the picture perfect”, beautiful boy…Sometimes, we fall for their character…because it meets an ideal in our own minds, and fills a void in our own lives…And we want it, for that…not necessarily for a wider cause or purpose.

…I think it is important, for us to be self aware of this…and to work towards evolving past that limitation. We should not see as aesthetically ugly, the boy who does not meet our notions of physical beauty. There is a lot of beauty, both physical and otherwise, in those who are not the most celebrated…The same goes for boys, who don’t behave in exactly the ways we like.

My point is…Our expectations should not be limited, either to our fantasies…or to what we think is most preferential…because the reality of what we are likely to encounter, is not preferential nor the stuff fantasies are made out of.

Don’t miss the receptive ones who pass through your life, while preoccupied and chasing after fantasies…

…If the boy does not reciprocate…then it is a fantasy you are following.

An Attainable Goal?…

Date: August 05, 2014

01) What do we want! When do we want it… etc

“…what realistically would we seek to achieve and what methods would you suggest we employ to effectively realise this?”

We need to establish that we not only have a right to be here, and to have a public face…but that there is a solid necessity, in us having that.

I’ve been a strong supporter of reaching out to the public, all along…Granted, sometimes it is extremely hard, given the various malcontent to contend with, both within and from people who don’t identify with us.

…But I would hope my actions have spoken for themselves, and that people understand…”normal” people are an indispensable part of any solution we can come to.

We simply need better relations…even if in the early goings, that only means garnering respect from limited, open minded sectors of society…We need that foothold, and that place of trust.

How?…well…Would it come off as “to cheap”, for me to quote Gandhi and say…Be the change in this world, you wish to see?

A lot of people scoff at this [including some here]…but long term exposure, and outlasting what hate exists towards us, is an important act…Becoming part of the normal mix of voices, is important…even if you accomplish nothing else beyond that.

Making aggressors understand that you are not going away, no matter how many times they push you down…to the point where they finally get tired, and just give up…this is a fight worth waging.

We need a world where it is clear…”the pedophile voice is here to stay”…and society needs “the pedophile voice”…The masses don’t need to like it, but they need to be broken of this notion they have any right to censor our simple speech.

Since there is no organized effort to join, without compromising my ethics…I choose to stubbornly do my own part, on my own terms.

I don’t believe this goal is unattainable…though it does need a lot more people fighting on its behalf.

Forgive me for posting this…


| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files | PLEASE CLICK HERE AND READ |


Date: August 04, 2014

Note: The spam block glitch is no more. They fixed the glitch. I’m posting this because this problem [and the fanatics exploiting it] deserves a mention.

01) BoyChat Post

…And let me clarify, this is only important if you are interested in the “spam block” attacks going on at twitter. Not only do we get verbal confirmation from people involved…we also get a glimpse into their very meager incites, and non-existent sense of tolerance towards others.

I cant blame you if you skip the entire mess…but, I recommend at least skipping a few large chunks of it.

There is a brief blurb at about 20 minutes in…then it actually picks up the ranting at about 41 minutes in.

…So, I cannot recommend highly enough, that you skip the first twenty minutes…and then skip another twenty minutes ahead…though the first mention isn’t much important.

Visiting the Obvious Potomos [@ObviousPotomos] account…this person looks to be a vulgar, immature, bile spewing twitter troll.

Pretty much everything I witnessed, came off as cyber stalking and abuse…I’m astonished, at how this person is allowed to keep an account on twitter, when it is so clear they need to be banned from the service.

The podcast itself is…well…it’s a sorry excuse for a podcast [and I listened to the previous episode, also…So, I can give a bit more incite, on it’s bad quality]…but you will, eventually, hear verbal confirmation of the twitter “spam block” attacks, which have been discussed here in the past.

…You’ll hear a lot of self righteous indignation…They are clearly trying to pick a fight with a twitter user [who is not me, thank you]…a few twitter users, honestly.

The whole thing eventually devolves into some convoluted diatribe, involving some other “pedophile” [a guy who got touchy with his teenage daughters friends], who this trio has been going on and on about, including on the last episode…and apparently, well before that.

I see no justification in what they are doing to these twitter users [people who are just sharing information they have found], and everything about this looks to be obsessive sociopathic behavior, on their part.

The only reason I am even aware of any of this, is because “Obvious Potomos” decided to tweet “you should be room temperature” [potentially, a thinly veiled death threat] to me, along with the person he was harassing and stalking on twitter.

Their initial target in all of this, retweeted one of my tweets…automatically sent from my blog, when I posted the “lost newgon article”, also posted here several days back.

I’m amazed at the garbage some people put out as “podcasts”…If you want to know how bad it gets, listen to the first twenty minutes…If you’ve not died of agonizing boredom, continue listening to the next half hour…What an insane mess…I’d be too embarrassed, to even release something like that.

…And this guy was gloating and taunting his target, leading up to this “podcast”…

…It’s only fit to go straight into the trash can.

It’s very dehumanizing…and I would call this hate speech, in it’s literal form…They’re verbally attacking people, who are very obviously using twitter in a fully legal and ethical manner…But these self appointed governors have decided that, society will never accept us…therefor, we have no rightful place on twitter…or, apparently, online.

If you want to get down to the crux, of why people like these three are such a problem…it is right there, in their own anticipated sense of self entitlement, to stop anyone they don’t like [or that they believe “whatever” about], from ever even being able to access social communication outlets, for the purpose of just discussing their social plight.

…Nothing gets more cruel and sinister, than working to strip the vulnerable and downtrodden, of their voice.

That is the worst of the human species, showing it’s face…It is every bit as ugly, as any child brutalizer or child rapist.

…And these three have zero standing, on which to pass judgment on people like us.

Not that simple…

August 04, 2014

02) Why get so worked up on nonsense found on social media?

The ranting itself would be only fit to be ignored, if it weren’t for the fact that this “podcast” is a window into the minds of people involved with “spam block” attacks.

If you are not aware of what that means…twitter has a severe flaw in it, which these people are exploiting.

Unless you block them first…anyone can retweet [republish on their own page], anything that you have published on twitter. The system itself is not smart enough to disqualify spam flagging/blocking, even when the accounts own owner has elected to place it there. What exists is this group of douchebags, with a large pool of underlings…who go around picking other peoples tweets to republish on their own page, just to turn around and order their followers to spam block the hell out of this tweet.

I’m not sure what the threshold is…but, eventually the system automatically suspends the targeted account as “a spammer account”.

These people are engaged in a form of censorship, via underhanded method…and it is something which has come up here, at least twice in the past. I thought a few people might be interested.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself “worked up” about this…but I thought it was relevant enough to note…And yes, another part of me was thinking, this really aught to die from lack of attention.

You know…I think a lot of us have become all too comfortable, shielded and detached from “the normal internet”. We’ve had these oasis like Free Spirits for so long, it’s almost unthinkable that the day will come when they no longer exist. But when that day comes, “the normal internet” is all that we will have left…and our situation is going to be, what we fight to make of it. We should not be absent from “the normal internet”.

…There are people actively working to force us out of “the normal internet”…

I take very deep, very strong issue with this…and I have sound reasons for doing so.

This is why I thought enough of this garbage, to post a link to it.

…It is also interesting and telling, to take a closer look at the quality of people behind these campaigns…

…These are unsophisticated, ignorant, obnoxious and immature bottom feeders.

It is good to keep a sound perspective, on who and what is threatening people like us.

03) Response to This

I’m totally with you, on this.

I’m posting about this here, primarily because there has been some degree of discussion on this issue here, in the past.

Yes…as you notice [I didn’t bother to specify much about the actual content], there is that bit of information about the Interpol cop that got dropped.

…They are obvious fanatics, marginalized by their own behavior…you are correct…

Maybe we should see it as positive…that at one point, one “plays devils advocate” and points out the targets aren’t actually doing anything illegal…and the two others went on to express, that they don’t care…and make it clear, they see the failure to spam block attack, as some sort of shortcoming.

…By extension, this implies that many people who partake in the spam block attacks, are maybe not prepared to attack the law abiding and upstanding with it?

“One question I have is when the Twitter vigilantes actually make threats of physical violence, from I believe it was Anonymous Vengeance, are there not actions that can be taken by Twitter to cut them off? I noticed that the blocking process seems to require that the person reporting has to have been the one threatened.”

I don’t know…Presumably, you can contact twitter administration [on some level], but what exactly happens, on a network where anyone can just open up another account, is anybody’s guess…but I suspect we already know the crumby answer, from intuition and experience. I’ve never tried to file that sort of complaint. Even under the best circumstances, you’d likely only get technical information [ie: IP address], and told to go file a complaint with their ISP and your [and/or their] local PD.

My take on twitter these days, is that it still has not become a profitable venture, so the people who created it are largely off concerning themselves with other things…and leaving twitter, itself, in a substantially “wild west” sort of state.

“The other question is “spam block”. Is it that anyone can “spam block” anyone else and that it will adversely affect the person being blocked in other ways?”

Yes…anybody can flag a tweet as “spam” and block it. I don’t know if this holds true for your own tweets on your own page, or not…but if one of your tweets finds itself on another persons page, anyone can flag it as “spam” and block it…and large volumes of flags, are what hurt you.

I don’t know all the explicit details, as I don’t go around flagging other people’s tweets as spam…But I do know that the accounts of origin will eventually be suspended, once enough spam blocks have been placed on a tweet.

The effect, is that there are people who can haplessly find their account suspended…because some pro-censorship network of people, is exploiting a very problematic oversight in the twitter system.

Theoretically…you should be able to get your account unsuspended, as the campaign against you was a malicious false flagging…But, the network can keep doing this to an account, as a form of harassment. I don’t know if there is any long term solution to that problem.

One of their established members has started turning her attention towards people using twitter, like you and I…And looking at Obvious Potomos page, this podcast looks to be a “rally call”…and the outcome of that female approaching Obvious Potomos.

It’s kind of a mystery at this point, whether or not people in this network are displaying ethical backbone, and refusing to blindly follow orders…Maybe some of them do understand distinctions?

…I just tend to think, if you join and participate in that kind of a network/behavior…you are already on marginalized ground, holding and practicing an extreme position…Which is to say, I don’t expect rational behavior from any of them.

Maybe I am wrong in that presumption…But I still contend, that we are dealing with a network, which is holding compromised ethics and standing.

The whole thing is a manifestation of extremism and fanaticism.