“Hypervictimist Militants”?…

Date: September 02, 2014

Relevant Links:

…Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP…

…Shy Keenan’s P.I.E.-in-the-sky conspiracy theory…

…Shy Keenan’s P.I.E.-in-the-sky conspiracy theory…

While I think twitter feed exchanges can make for harder reading, Bernie really hit on a major issue here…one I’ve been referencing for years.

This case is an excellent example, of just how abusive and extreme it gets…and I appreciate Bernie’s summary of it.

Even if one were sexually brutalized as a child, in ways we all can agree were horrible…this in no way grants them right, to behave as a deplorable and abusive, social supremacist.

People who go down that path, create much more serious social problem, than they are being recognized and held accountable for.

It’s the most politically incorrect thing to say…but when nobody stands up and points out, how many of these victims radiate an ugly, vile and abusive character…they end up getting away with outright monstrous behavior and effect, via zero accountability.

Thank you, Bernie.

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