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Michael Moore Puts Obama’s Legacy In Sad, Simple Terms…

Date: September 13, 2014

01) Michael Moore Puts Obama’s Legacy In Sad, Simple Terms

“Political documentarian Michael Moore has repeatedly expressed his frustrations with President Obama, but this week he really stuck the knife in, saying in an interview that Obama will be remembered as the first black president and “that’s it.”
Moore spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Film Festival (which Moore attended to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roger & Me) and said that despite what Obama may have claimed in 2012, he “did not save Detroit.” Moore admitted that while Obama’s done many good things, “he’s been a huge disappointment.””* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Josh Feldman / Mediaite:



Date: September 13, 2014

Thank you to Pederastia, for finding and sharing this video…It is a very interesting find.

…In fact, this thread is full of interesting stuff.

…Intellectuals discussing the ethics of the injustice of making child pornography…

…Intellectuals discussing the ethics of the injustice of making child pornography…


“Judith Levine, author and activist with The National Center for Reason and Justice, explains how the majority of people with a computer connected to the Internet ARE sex criminals—often without even knowing it.

This discussion follow a showing of Lawrence Brose’s 1997 16mm film “de Profundis” at the Mix 24 Film Festival.

Brose was charged with downloading child pornography from a German website & images from the film—which do not exist except in the mind of the prosecutors—and which the jury trying a case like this are not even allowed to see the alleged “child pornography”.

If anyone with access to your computer ever even visited intentionally or accidentally, a porn site, malware/spyware/etc. could be transmitting illegal images you don’t even know exist.
Approximately three out of every four computer owners connected to the Internet are unknowing & innocent sex criminals. 1984 has arrived.”

Not much information featured here is new to me…but it’s always nice to have additional pieces of media to add to the collection.

— Steve