Survey: An OLF Swearing Policy?

Date: September 19, 2014

I’d love some feedback on this, from my actual readers [preferably, those who care about this resource]…

Swearing has never been a big part of my own life, hence it has not been hard for me to employ it very sparingly, over my years online. This in no way implies, that I think it is never appropriate to employ the use of a swear word. In fact, I think they can be powerful accentuations, which really drive home emotion and passion behind words.

Mostly, I’ve moved away from even linking to content with swearing in it, for the simple fact that I do not want to alienate this resource, from those who take issue with swearing…Mind you, I have also evolved back into more of a “less edgy, more presentable” persona, in recent years…So, I am more interested in how people respond to me…and the perceived quality of my own image.

I want this to be a friendly, inviting place…

…Thing is…I don’t feel right about it being sterile, or politically correct…and I really don’t like alienating, or turning my back on people who swear…many of whom are decent, sensible and kind people…they just swear sometimes [some of whom do such to “reclaim” these words, “demote” them to the status of “just a word”, and strip them of their taboo/shock status by employing them without special relevance, just like any other word].

I’ve wanted to highlight a number of things, published by others…but I’ve held back, because of swearing in the content…though I think the message was worth hearing…And walking this fence bothers me.

Personally, I am not offended by swearing…so long as it is not used for belittling or injuring someone…

I am a pragmatist…and it makes no sense to me, that while having dozens of words we can speak which mean the exact same thing…these tiny few alternatives are isolated as offensive stand outs…or somehow “bad”, while the others are acceptable.

As a society, we have to condition ourselves to believe that individual words, alone, are offensive…And I am squarely in the George Carlin camp here, because this just does not make any sense at all.

In addition…I lean more towards the artistic…and I find liberal expression, to be part of the raw, real world…sometimes it is necessary…sometimes, it is even art. It is not something we can call ourselves “in the right”, for ignoring…or for sanitizing out of our lives. We are not superior, for looking down on those who merely speak this way…In fact, I think that would make us inferior in some regards.

…At the same time, I do recognize that swearing is sometimes made into a sad, nasty spectacle…by people who really aren’t up to much good…They just want the cheap shock value, or to really hurt someone with their words…It’s never really much occurred to me to link to that sort of content, though.

…Maybe, it is a question of class?…and expectations on what people in “our” class are supposed to say, or how they are supposed to act? Maybe, I just don’t fit into “a class”?…Or, maybe I just tend to look for what is most exceptional, about every “class” of human?

I’d like to broaden the focus of what I feature here, just a tad…I no longer wish to shun content, just because of a bit of swearing.

What are your thoughts?…Please share…I will take this feedback into account.

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