Album: The Black List…


Date: September 27, 2014

01) New Day

02) Weird Piano

03) CultureShock [V4]

04) Mindbender

05) Ballad of the Bigot [V2]

06) The Beginning [acoustic guitar]

07) Fly On The Horizon

As promised, this is the official release of my first collection. These are the old, “classic” tracks. If these had been compiled into a collection when they were new, this probably would have been released back in 2008.

The total run time of this collection is 18:42.

This is a sampling of different things going on, back around 2008-2009.

New Day is bumper music…

Weird Piano has its roots in Steve-D’s Midnight Zone…

CultureShock [Version 4] was made for “The Culture Shock Podcast”…

Mindbender is really more bumper music…but it sounds cool…

Ballad of the Bigot was never meant to see publication, as it was only a test to see what I could do, while trying to infuse some synthesized vocals into my tracks. But it was cool enough, that I decided to eventually publish it. Had I set out for that end, I’d have put much more effort into the lyrics.

The Beginning is a track I put together, for a YouTube project titled “The Practical Pedosexual”…It also has roots in “The Midnight Archives”.

Fly on the Horizon was the first composition I put together, just for the sheer sake of having a listenable track of music…And it turned out to be a highlight.



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