RSOL 2014 Conference Videos [with 2013 video included]…

Date: August 04, 2014

…Announced by Eric Tazelaar…

…Announced by Eric Tazelaar…

…Reform Sex Offender Laws [YouTube Channel]…


…2014 National RSOL Conference [Playlist]…


There appears to be no dedicated playlist to the 2013 conference [nor the 2012, or 2011]. You can find those videos amongst their collection of videos, here.

[Note: Sorry if this is not as orderly and organized as I’d prefer, but I did not intend to spend my day composing a post of this nature.]

A special highlight…

…Catherine Carpenter: “Sexual Offense Laws and Constitutionality”…

“Professor of Law, Catherine Carpenter of Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles talks about just how punative and extreme sex offender laws have become over the years and the ways in which they violate US citizen’s constitutional rights.”

I have to agree with Eric Tazelaar…This video is powerful.

I also agree, that RSOL is an important resource…even if they do tend to shun a lot of us. They are an organization which is penetrating through the social rhetoric, and really laying issues concerning “sex offenders” and registries bare.

They are doing things which many of us…frankly…in this day and age, cannot.

Granted…I agree, that they embrace a prohibitive social mindset on human sexuality…and some of us consider this to be ethically wrongheaded…

…But when they are producing this type of quality content, dealing with issues that are immediately down our own alee…things we’ve been discussing amongst ourselves for years…how do you justify not sharing this?

We just have to take some things with a grain of salt, and understand what their slant is on things…give a liberal amount of leeway, to compensate for our differences.

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