Expanding on Frolander…


Date: October 19, 2014

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

With regards to Sandusky, the degree to which that got dragged on started to make even me ill…In my opinion, he did get an unjust amount of leniency [on BoyChat]…but I also relent, that this was a backlash behavior…because we don’t get treated fairly by the media.

Frolander…much, much different case and issue…I mean, worlds apart…

…Personally, I was down right infuriated by this case…and here is why…

The nature of Frolander’s behavior isn’t really even part of the issue…though to be clear, later reports make it sound to be of a mild and consensual manner.

The outrage stems from the fact that whatever Frolander was doing, it was abruptly brought to an end…However Browning continued to savagely pummel him into unconsciousness…after which, he went to the kitchen to get a knife for the purpose of murdering Frolander…Browning’s own son had to stand in the way, and stop him from murdering the defenseless Frolander.

In addition to this, Browning even stopped to photograph an unconscious, bloody Frolander, and send it with bragging text messages to his friends, all during the assault and attempted murder…

…And the cops are satisfied, to let all of this pass without prosecuting Browning…a violent man with a dangerous, criminal past.

This type of case puts a crystal clear focus, on the ugly face of social hate against Child Lovers, or anyone with sexual inclinations involving children [and often teens]…It puts on display, just why we are in a social state of emergency, as Child Lovers or Teen Lovers.

This case makes pretty starkly clear…if you are a CL or TL and you get caught in a compromised position…then in some states of the so called “land of the free”, you are placed outside of legal protections of the law [which most people think apply to everyone]…pretty much left on par, with a dog or livestock owned by someone.

If you have a dog you no longer want…legally [though not always ethically], you can take them “out back” and put a bullet in their head…

…The dangerous, alarming precedent in not prosecuting Browning…is that it puts people with our sexual orientations on par with that dog, in terms of legal rights and protections.

…It also shows how little society thinks of us…as well as how violent and threatening the manner.

…Frolander was stripped of his humanity, and treated as if he were a rabid [or unwanted] animal…who can be savaged and killed, at the leisure of some sociopath, who is exploiting the finer points of some incredibly messed up law.

Frolander was left like a toy, to this guys nonexistent sense of mercy [and human empathy]…Browning’s inhumane cruelty was the result…And few people thought there was anything there, to get concerned over?…

…Therein exists the problem.

It does not matter what Frolander did…I mean, I could theorize something extreme [ie: Frolander strangling the boy], and say a physically violent response was justified…But nothing justifies what happened in the aftermath, while Frolander was fully incapacitated.

If you are a CL or TL…and what happened to Frolander in those moments does not infuriate you to your very core…then there is something wrong with you, as a human being.

If Frolander had been murdered…would Browning have even been prosecuted then?…Not likely.

There is so much, which is absolutely unacceptable in this state of matters.

I cant say Frolander has done nothing, for which intervention or even prison time might be justice…But that says nothing, to the rightness or wrongness of what is happening to the rights and protections of CLs and TLs.

According to this case…any violent, criminal sociopath can stand as judge, jury and executioner over you, so long as you are a big enough pervert, and unfortunate enough to be in the wrong legal jurisdiction.

There is no way possible, to argue around this to the point…where it somehow becomes ethical or right…It is “justice system” anarchy…a total breakdown, of accountability…and a sidestep of individuals rights and protections.

…How dare anyone write a law, which allows this type of atrocity?

It is important not to confuse what was, for I think most of us, causing the anger and outrage regarding the Frolander case.

This was about the vile injustices committed against Frolander, along with the legal and social apathy towards it…and what this means, as relates to any CL or TL.


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