Kinsey Confidential: My Brother Had Sex With Me When I Was Small. Am I A Virgin?…

Date: October 21, 2014

…Kinsey Confidential…

…Kinsey Confidential…

“Yes, you are still a virgin. Even if your brother or any other older boy or adult penetrated you when you were a child, you are still a virgin.”

“Not everyone who was molested or abused as a child has bad feelings about it. Some people feel like they were too young to understand. Some people feel like it was something wrong that the other person did but that fortunately they were not harmed by it. And if you don’t have those bad feelings, that is okay too.”

“Research is clear that children who have had sexual contact with much older kids or with adults have a very wide range of reactions to those experiences.”

I will give Dr. Debby Herbenick props, for acknowledging in a public manner, that just because you had sex as a child or minor, does not mean that you have to feel bad about the experience, or hate the person you had sex with, or feel like you have been injured in any way.

…Of course, there is the obligatory stuff, about it all having been a crime…and links, incase they want to seek therapy…

…But it takes some backbone, to acknowledge that a child [or minor] may very well have not been hurt by the experience [though she fails to acknowledge, that a child can quite enjoy the experience].

Of course…there is no reason to believe that a child [or minor] has been impacted negatively, by simple fact that a sex act occurred.

…That type of absolutist thinking is nothing more than a social construct, thrust upon us by the sex abuse industry.

I do have to say one other thing…and that is, I’m conflicted over her answer about virginity.

…I mean…there is physical virginity…and psychological virginity…Or should I just say, virginity has more than one facet to it?

If we are going by legal definition, and invalidating sex acts because consent could not be legally given…I think that is a bogus standard.

If there was physical sex, but we are still going to claim that virginity is still intact…how are we splitting this hair?…Are we implying, that because the sex might not have been in a manner of his own nature, that it does not count?…Are we saying that he has to be with a girl, in order to lose his sexual virginity [presuming he is heterosexual]? Does this also disqualify normal, homosexual experimentation as kids?

See…physical, sexual virginity, has to do with whether or not you have engaged in the act…And if you have gone there and experienced that…then you’re really not a virgin, anymore.

If they had no choice in the matter…I can understand why they may feel entitled to psychological virginity.

…I just don’t see where the good doctor is finding her justification…unless she is presuming they are having outercourse [sex without penetration], or it was strictly oral sex…and “oral sex doesn’t count”…

…But then, according to her own answer, someone could have even had anal sex with him…and this “would not count”.

I don’t like things being forced on people, either…but at some point, you have to stop being politically correct, and objectively recognize reality.

I think she is wrong, regarding this…and demonstrably so.

All the same…she is entitled to her opinion.

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