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Tired of the Ugly and Ignorant: Michael Savage…

Date: October 2, 2014

…Pap and Sam Obliterate Michael ‘Weenie’ Savage…

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss conservative radio host Michael ‘Weiner’ Savage’s recent comments about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in which he claimed that its victims are “weak,” “narcissistic,” and “losers.”

…Pap Attack: The Michael Savage Audience of Lunatics…

“In July of 2008, an unhinged right wing freak named Jim David Adkisson walked into a Knoxville, Tennessee church and opened fire on the congregation during a youth choir performance. Adkisson killed 2 people, and seriously injured 7 others.

When police searched Adkisson’s home, they found a manifesto he had written. He said that he picked that particular church because of their alleged liberal leanings and their promotion of liberal ideas. They also found a library filled with right wing hate talk books from Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage.

Adkisson had spent most of his adult life listening to right wing hate talkers tell him that America was under attack from liberals; that liberals wanted to destroy and emasculate America; and that liberals wanted to take away his rights. All of these things were mentioned in Adkisson’s manifesto, but if you’ve paid attention to right wing hate talkers over the years, they also echo the words of the right wing king of hate: Michael Savage.”

…Papantonio: The Pathetic Story of Michael ‘Weenie’ Savage…

“America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses the revolting words that continuously pour from Michael ‘Weiner’ Savage’s mouth.”

Really cant say as I’ve paid much attention to Michael Savage over the years…I discovered him some time back, but found him to be just another nasty celebrity mouth, living a life of privilege while casting stones at others from his bully pulpit…and his intellect underwhelming.

…in short summary…everything the human species would be better off for, if only it could permanently get rid of

…And now we hear that Michael is shooting his mouth off, at injured war veterans…People who this cozy political chicken hawk was happy to pick fights and promote wars to send them to…

You know…

…I’m not the kind of person to suggest that “If you’ve never been in a circumstance, then you have no right to say anything about it.”…But I do recognize that there are a lot of people out there, who are hyper “Gung Ho!” about making major decisions which will have catastrophic consequences on the lives of others…Yet when it was their time in life to carry these consequences themselves…they were nowhere to be found.

Oh…they are very enthusiastic to wag their fingers and lecture others, typically exposing their own gross ignorance in the process…But they have no equal footing, on which to pass judgment…They have never in their lives earned it, by experiencing it themselves.

Ted Nugent is another one of those people, regretfully, who I see in the same boat…

…I’ve loved Ted as a musician, for most of my life…But politically and socially, he is a complete hypocritical screwball.

I think…what really leaves me beside myself about these sorts, who weren’t willing to join the band and pull the heavy weight of it all, while they were capable…is that there rightly should be something going on in their psyche, which tells them…”I’m not somebody with the standing, the experience and the knowledge, to be rightfully standing here and saying these sorts of things”.

…Like Ted…If you spend two weeks of your life not going to the bathroom, not showering, and living in your own feces, so that you can fake mental illness and dodge the draft…then you have dismissed yourself, from all meaningful and dignified political conversation dealing with war…And you should have the sense and decency, to remove yourself from that political conversation…not put yourself on a pedestal, and try to use your celebrity status to stoke the flames of war [which will kill other people…many who are young].

I ask the necessary question…How does this common sense human decency break down, in people like Ted and Michael?…Are they just self absorbed sociopaths, trying to get others to do what they would like done?

It is just insane to me…I mean, I might toss out the occasional imagination I have about an issue, as a way of questioning and exploring it…But I would never try to speak authoritatively about anything, with which I have no personal experience.

I am a war veteran…I probably am suffering from some form of PTSD…But even I shy away, from getting to deeply into the discussion of war…Probably because I know, first hand…how devastating war is…and I despise seeing it, at all.

…I think the mouthy people, who are so revved up to start a war which will injure and slaughter untold numbers…they are, hands down, the most ignorant and dangerous people out of all of us.

…They are the last people, who should be saying anything at all.

…And Michael taking cheap shots at victims of wartime PTSD…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real thing…It is a biological and mental change, which develops from prolonged exposure to danger, threat and/or stress. It can have a severe impact, on ones ability to function in life…and it can cause a lot of problems [including social], if it is not dealt with.

Michael’s ignorant low blows aimed at soldiers suffering with PTSD, echoes a lot of the false beliefs about chemical and mental conditions [or injuries, if you will].

A lot of people who’ve never experienced it, liken it to “having a bad day” which will pass quickly…What they don’t conceive, is that someone has experienced a serious biological alteration…one which is likely permanent…one they’ll have to live the rest of their lives with…and not one which merely surfaces every now and again, but one which is constantly with them day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…And nobody can withstand that type of relentless exposure, forever…Eventually, people experience an entirely valid collapse from it.

It is not a matter of picking yourself up, lacing your boot straps, “manning up” and getting on with life…

…Nobody who genuinely experiences this, would ever have the gall to talk about it as if it were…because it is something very different…It’s something impeding your ability, to even just live.

It is in the nature of no human, to just lay down and die…to forgo all of the natural human needs and desires, in preference of spending your days in bed or locked away in privacy. There has to be something seriously wrong, for anyone to fail in even reaching for their own survival…

That this point of truth not only flies over the head of Michael Savage…but that he thinks so many young, motivated people, who went through everything to get into the military…and who had the capacity and dedication to function in a theater of war…that he thinks these people are all just a bunch of bums, faking it to get a free handout…that is just a disgustingly deplorable thing to say…and it exposes just how out of touch with reality Michael Savage honestly is.

For this, Michael Savage has won “The Bonkers Award”…

Why is it…that we have so many of the worst examples of our species, being lifted up and celebrated in media and politics?…Why are these people so rewarded for what they have done, when what we so desperately need today…is the healers amongst us, who are interested in spreading the positive aspects of our species?

This state of things is just completely wrong.