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Death with Dignity Follow Up…

Date: November 3, 2014

…Terminally ill ‘death with dignity’ advocate dies…

…Terminally ill ‘death with dignity’ advocate dies…

As a follow up to my Death with Dignity” post, I wanted to acknowledge the assisted death of Brittany Maynard…who’s story was really the catalyst of my post.

She died on November first, on her own terms.

…You know…the religious groups who are protesting, sorely need to learn their place…They need to butt out and be quiet. This is not their place…That is not their decision…And they have no business exploiting these people, in their time of tragedy.

…nor is it their place, to exploit people in their time of suffering and dying.

Shame on these pompous, arrogant groups, for refusing to do the humane and decent thing.

Their belief that some supernatural creature exists, which cares and will be displeased if anyone chooses the time and place of their own death, is just that…their own belief

…It is most certainly not shared by everyone…and they have no business trying to impose the consequences of their own beliefs, upon others…especially suffering and dying others.

What they are doing is horribly cruel.

Released: Imam raped, tortured 5-yr-old because he ‘doubted her virginity’…

Date: November 3, 2014

…Released: Imam raped, tortured 5-yr-old because he ‘doubted her virginity’…

“In the eyes of Saudi Arabian jurisprudence, Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi has been released from 13 months in jail and subsequently cleared of his rape, torture and murder conviction against his daughter due to the “blood money” he paid out to his former wife, as reported by the International Business Times (of London, UK) on March 10, 2014.”


“A popular TV preacher in Saudi Arabia, al-Ghamdi suspected his 5-year-old daughter had brought shame upon the family by somehow losing her virginity.

In response, the Sheikh inflicted the following upon his child:

  • A broken back.
  • Raped multiple times.
  • A crushed skull.
  • Numerous burns throughout her body.
  • A broken left arm.
  • Multiple broken ribs.

    Al-Ghamdi also admitted in court to using a cane as well as electric cables in the torture/rape of his child. Hospital social worker Randa al-Kaleeb stated the child had been raped “everywhere.” The little girl managed to linger for ten months before finally succumbing to her injuries.”

    This popular television preacher is paying about a quarter of a million dollars to his ex-wife, for killing their daughter…and he spent a little over a year in prison…and now this guy walks free?…

    For some unexplained reason, though probably something taken from the same playbook, as that guy who beat his two year old son to death for “acting too gay”…this guy decided his five year old daughter was giving away sex…so his “obvious” answer was to make damn well certain of her lack of virginity, by repeatedly raping her himself…and slowly murdering her, in the process of everything.

    …I’m certain that line of logic makes perfect sense, in the mind of someone who needs to be locked up for the rest of their life…for public safety, if nothing else.

    …This is just completely unbelievable, and insane.

    Doesn’t Saudi Arabia have the death penalty?…I’m pretty certain they do…at least for females and sexual minorities…and political dissidents, anyway.

    How is it that Fayhan al-Ghamdi can do something so horrific, not only to a five year old child…but to his own child…and not face his own execution?

    That is vile inhumane behavior, of the worst form.

    …And he did these things to a five year old, for some ten months before she died?…

    I am just floored, that any society would allow someone like Fayhan al-Ghamdi to walk freely within it…What happened to him, was barely punishment at all…a lite slap on the wrist.

    …Wasn’t this the same country, that wanted to lock up a school teacher for naming a teddy bear “Mohammed”?…An angry mob wanted to tare her to pieces, if I recall correctly.

    Supposedly…Saudi Arabia is a proud and superior Islamic nation…

    …As if we are supposed to look up to them, like they are some superior moral pillar in the world…when they haven’t even managed to pull their judiciary out of the stone age.

    …Looks to me, like they have an enormous amount to be ashamed of, and embarrassed about…

    …Maybe, the day they start giving human life and dignity more consideration than religion, than the criminal behavior of thugs and than the savage brutality of sick sociopaths…maybe then, they might start having something to be proud about?

    This is one area in “the Islamic world”, which is squarely inferior and monstrous. It is simply unacceptable barbarity….and no country which behaves this way, deserves to be called civilized.

    It is time for these countries to change, if they ever want to be looked upon as “friends”, “partners” and “equals”, with the rest of the modern world.

    As things presently stand…Saudi Arabia is not worthy.

    …What a shameful legacy.