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Three Year Old Scott McMillan…


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Date: November 09, 2014

…Third person arrested in toddler’s killing as ‘house of horror’ photos reveal dents left in wall by couple who smashed the three-year-old’s head against it – before ‘hanging him upside down and torturing him to death’…

…Third person arrested in toddler’s killing as ‘house of horror’ photos reveal dents left in wall by couple who smashed the three-year-old’s head against it – before ‘hanging him upside down and torturing him to death’…

“Announcing the charges on Thursday, Hogan said: ‘Let me tell you about an American horror story. Little Scotty McMillan is dead.

‘Over a three-day period… he was systematically tortured and beaten to death. He was punched in the face and in the stomach, he was scourged with a homemade whip, he was lashed with a metal rod, he was tied to a chair and beaten, he was tied upside down by his feet and beaten, his head was smashed through a wall and at the end of that he had bruises on top of bruises all over his body.’


The three adults told authorities ‘that Scott McMillan had been punched and beaten with blunt and sharp objects, whipped, taped to a chair with electrical tape and beaten, hung up by his feet and beaten, and suffered other acts of violence,’ police said in affidavits released Thursday.


Fellenbaum had severely beaten the boy for refusing to eat toast both Monday and Tuesday morning, authorities said.

The ‘discipline’ included throwing him against a wall, knocking him off a chair with a punch and then taping him to the chair to keep him upright for more beatings, police said.


Prosecutors also showed off pictures of the weapons that were used. Included in the items were a makeshift whip, a curtain rod, an aluminum strip and photos of holes in the wall where Fellenbaum slammed Scotty and his 6-year-old brother’s heads into the wall, according to NBC Philadelphia.


On the night that the youngster died, Tait told police that she and Fellenbaum left Scotty on the mattress so he could sleep then went out to pick up pizza for dinner.

At that time, Tait told police that she and Fellenbaum engaged in sexual activity then she took a nap, according to investigators.

After waking up around 7:30 pm Tait said she found Scotty wasn’t breathing so she screamed for someone to call 911. Amber Fellenbaum then called 911 and medics arrived.

A judge denied bail to both Fellenbaum and Tait at a Wednesday arraignment.

Hogan announced a total of 16 charges against Gary Fellenbaum including first- and third-degree murder charges, homicide, endangering the welfare of a child, assault and reckless endangerment. Tait faces 15 charges including the most serious murder charges, according to court records.


An affidavit states: ‘During one incident, Gary hung Scott and (his brother) up by their feet one at a time and beat the boys while they were hanging upside down'(Tait) stated the she and Gary were laughing during the incident.'”

…Two adults who gang up on a three year old toddler [and his six year old brother], brutalize him…and murder him over the course of three days…one being the child’s own mother, having a good time with it all…And a third, apathetic woman in the home who refused to intervene in any way.

I’ve seen cases which rival this, both in sheer inhumane brutality and in staggering display of contempt for a child’s survival…and I expect, this sort of thing has always been around…But I will never understand, what makes a parent murder their own child…or for that matter, what makes an adult murder a child…or treat one so viciously.

In these types of cases…there is no way possible that the adults involved can not know what they are doing, and the ultimate consequence of it all [a dead child]. There is just no defense in existence…These adults chose to viciously murder a three year old child.

What were they thinking?…Were they thinking at all?

…Like I was saying…this is not something which is new…The issue of parents, family and caregivers murdering the children in their care, is no small matter…Often, it is extremely violent and cold blooded.

There are a lot of breeders out there, who do not deserve to be called “parents”…and, frankly, who should never be left to care for children.

In terms of social issues…this is one area, where the ball is being dropped…and dropped…and dropped…and dropped…

You know…I don’t really want to go on about what I am about to say…but this case is a prime example of what I am talking about…when I tell society [more precisely, those who self identify as “the normals”], to look in the mirror and clean up it’s own backyard, before it marches into mine and imagines everything that is supposedly wrong with “me”.

…You have this massive mountain of child abuse, child neglect, even child murder…all at the hands of “normal” people…but you are so obsessed over the tiny molehill of minor changes and irritation, which embracing someone like me into society might cause you and your prejudices…

…Do you “normals” even comprehend, what the important social issues are here?

There is a normal phenomena of adults torturing, abusing and murdering their own children…It exists all around the world…And somehow, it just keeps going on.

…Ah!…But it is the “pervert” who gently shows affection and love to a child, who is “the big problem” to get our nickers in a twist over?

…Black is white…up is down…yes is no…

I think…the human is the most confused and socially insane species, known to exist.

I am sickened by much of what you so called “normals” do…

…and down right astonished, that you can point your finger at people like me…and call us “monster”…

I have lived for many years, with young children in the home I live in…I don’t claim to have raised any child, but we do interact a lot. I have never raised a violent or abusive hand to any of them. They don’t fear me…They have no reason too, and they know this. I have given a lot over the years, for their benefit…Not because I expect anything specific, but because it is what you do for people who you care about.

I’ve also been wrestling with sharing something private, and unrelated to these relationships…I’ve been wanting to write [or even talk in recording] about it, for many years…

…Understand…I have walked in uncommon shoes, down treacherous paths…taking risk of exposing myself, in an atmosphere of very bad circumstances…because I am a Child Lover…and I ultimately have to place a child’s needs above my own…walking into this, even when I knew it could be to my own severe detriment.

It has been a very heavy burden…At times, it has torn me up to not even be able to speak about it…or express what it was putting me through.

Something a lot of people don’t seem to understand about me, is that I am the real deal…and I have a genuine life history, to back it up in very uncommon form…

…When the chips were down…I have always, without question or fail, stood on behalf of the child.

When I look around…and I realize the range to which all manner of violence against children is going on…it just devastates me.

Truth be told…In some of these horrific cases which you “normals” create…a pedophile could very well be the best friend and intervention, that a child will ever have.