Album: Faces of Time…


Date: November 10, 2014

Faces of Time

01) Dreams [strings]

02) Memory

03) Out There

04) JD5 [strings]

05) DreamChaser [piano]

06) Emigdau [guitar]

07) Panorama

08) Beauty and the Beast [strings]

The running time of this album is 24 minutes and 9 seconds…which makes this the third longest album I’ve released, thus far.

In terms of track quality, I think this is the most solid collection I’ve released to date…There is no weak track here. There are a lot of new releases on this one…I hope you enjoy them.

01) Dreams [strings] – An old recording…but one of my favorites.

02) Memory – A new release. I’ve been setting on this one for a while. It is nice.

03) Out There – “Space Music”…While this has already been released, it is relatively new.

04) JD5 [strings] – A new release. I love this recording.

05) DreamChaser [piano] – A new release. I love this music. This is the piano version.

06) Emigdau [guitar] – A new release. Hands down, a top favorite out of everything I’ve managed to crank out, thus far. There are some rivals, which will be released in the future.

07) Panorama – More “Space Music”…But I got a good bit more “hands on” involved, with this track.

08) Beauty and the Beast [strings] – A new release. The last version I recorded of this song. My milking of “Beauty and the Beast” is done. 🙂



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