Album: New Frontiers…


Date: November 11, 2014

New Frontiers [18:34]

01) A Lovers Tale

02) Scrambled Heads

03) New Frontiers

04) Relax [meditation]

05) Emigdau [church organ]

06) Techno 01

07) JD5 [brass]

08) The Bells of Light

I wont normally release albums “back to back”…but since 80% of this album has already been released, and has been available in the Jukebox below for a while, I figured I should just get this one published.

At eighteen minutes and thirty four seconds, New Frontiers presently sets right in the middle of all five released albums, in terms of running length.

A fairly quick listen, but there is some rather nice stuff here…It’s a “fresh” set, without a lot of alternate track repetition [ie: same song from previous albums, different style]…Which is nice, and makes this album a bit more unique. The alternate tracks included here, are both quite good…And this is their “world release”…

New Frontiers is kind of the “flip side” to a coin, compared with “Faces of Time”…which was virtually all unreleased tracks…This is virtually all previously released tracks [individually], with two new releases.

…But, this is the first time they’ve been presented as a set…and I really like this set.

New Frontiers

01) A Lovers Tale – Totally organic “me”! Nothing of this existed, prior to my firing up the synthesizer.

02) Scrambled Heads – Love this track! A great, crazy sound.

03) New Frontiers – This was created for the “Our Love Frontier” podcast…Which is supposed to be my re-entry into podcasting.

04) Relax [meditation] – An explorative experiment…Don’t know if I’m going to try this again, or not.

05) Emigdau [church organ] – Brand new release! What can I say?…This one is great.

06) Techno 01 – A nice techno theme.

07) JD5 [brass] – Brand new release! This is my favorite version of JD5.

08) The Bells of Light – A simple track to end the collection. Nothing to scream about, but nice.



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