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There’s a reason for my last sentence…

Date: November 15, 2014

01) That’s all wrong

There’s a reason for my last sentence…

…and I had you pegged perfectly, didn’t I? 😉

What you are doing here, is pushing a philosophical social paradigm.

…And that is fine, but it does nothing to change the realities of our world right now.

I am different…and I see how the world works today, as our starting point…and the factors we have to deal with.

If any of us boycott the concept of pedophilia…this will do painfully little…and likely nothing, to stop any number of the rest of the 8 billion or so humans on this planet, from “talking about” pedophilia.

Your paradigm of a blissfully unaware world, has a great deal going against it.

…Even if it were to eventually happen, however unlikely…we are alive today…we live today…with all that is going on today…and the “talk about” pedophilia, is part of the reality of our lives.

…This alone, makes it a valid topic of discussion for us.

And as for cultures who don’t care about their children being boys or girls…I don’t see how this is much of an argument…Being a boy or a girl, is not controversial…It is not an activity, a lifestyle or a behavior…it’s just a biological sex.

Fine…so they don’t have any words to distinguish the sex of their children…I believe you, and that is an interesting piece of trivia…but do they also lack all means of expression, when their children start behaving sexually?…or when socially uncommon relationships come about?

You know…look…there are days in my life, when everything feels like it is just “too much”…even speaking any word feels like overwhelming effort…And on those days, I am all into the notion of taking a vow of silence…and never speaking another word, the rest of my life…And in my fantasy world, I live in some Zen type place and state…where everything is just communicated in the eyes, and by touch…where people are free to flow with an activity, or turn it away from them to opt out…

…I understand, words are complicated and they often get in the way…Sometimes, they make life harder than they need to be.

I just don’t buy into this idea, that we are going to reject other people’s words…and this is somehow going to change anything…