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Monster: When Companies Think ‘Wicked and Offensive’ Symbolism is Cool…

Date: November 17, 2014

…MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!…

Does “monster” energy drink use satanic symbols, to market itself?…Does drinking this stuff have implications, where it comes to mass social “participation in satanic rituals”?

This whole thing has been floating around out there for a while…I first heard about it, probably a few years back.

I never liked “monster”, myself…as it had little effect on me…I looked upon it as being useless garbage, like overpriced, overhyped “red bull”.

I did, however, quite appreciate “rockstar”…and thought “venom” was quite potent, also…Though, I’ve given up all energy drinks, today.

…So, I am very disconnected from any loyalty to “monster”…but I still understand the fact, that energy drinks have become so prevalent in our culture.

This leaves certain marketing stunts, in a world where “wicked” symbols and “bad boy” concepts are socially popular, vulnerable to the notions of people who are searching for anything to make an issue over…and rile up people of their own mindset.

Have people behind “monster” intentionally worked to make the masses, participate in some informal “satanic ritual”, in the process of buying and consuming their product?

I guess we would have to ask them, before we could honestly make a decision…but does it even matter?

Even if the people behind “monster” believed in it’s credibility…that does not make it real…And the same holds true for religious people, who think anything of substance is actually happening with this.

…I would put forward the suggestion, that it is an empty act…and it holds no relevance, beyond what we as individuals make of it.

I would also suggest, that it is delusional for anyone to put all these symbols on an aluminum can of energy drink, in anticipation that it “worships satan” [or whatever it is supposed to do], or has any concrete effect at all.

In other words…I suggest that this whole issue, is nothing more than mindless nattering, by busybodies who have nothing better to do with themselves…So they find social oddities like this to focus on, to cause social angst over.

As a funny aside…

…Being somebody who almost universally drank these things through a straw in the can [hence, never even having need to tip the can/cross upside down]…I have to ask about the status, and the degree of interpreted offense committed by those of us who use a straw…

…Are we spared from participation in this alleged “ritual”?