Thanks hyacinth…

Date: November 18, 2014

01) Just to throw something else out

I see that our favorite creepy sociopath doesn’t like that my participation [on BoyChat] is so…limited…

…Maybe, they wanted to get into a drag down, bare knuckles, bloody fight?…They never did recover, after I called them a douchebag and an asshole…And maybe they weren’t expecting that, coming from me…but I get fed up with the chronic B.S., too…

Never did apologize…but then, when you could replace 99.999% of everything creepy sociopath posts on these boards, with a big graphic of a hand flipping the middle finger [because it sums everything up so perfectly]…I figure, nobody owes this miserable, abusive dead weight an apology.

…And I cannot respect anyone, who spends nearly all of their time here, relentlessly baffling with bullshit [Thanks Sherry!…I’m stealing that one!]…

I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to be here all the time…and I sure as hell an not going to spend my time, wasting it being dragged down dizzy rabbit [rat?] holes by any creepy sociopath, with the integrity of a blood sucking tick.

…Hence, no…I don’t go round-n-round with anybody here…just express my mind, and be off to what is next.

…”Above the fray”…Ha!…Right…More of mouthy sociopaths conjecture…Someone who never even began to understand me, but thought nothing of making up whatever they felt like, and saying it about me…Sound familiar?…It should, because that is creepy sociopath’s main playbook move…It is what they do to the majority of people around here.

They like to bully and run off the very people, who are good for these boards…and then pretend to be oblivious to it all, when anybody actually holds them accountable.

You’re correct, hyacinth…creepy sociopath is nothing but a cowardly troublemaker, sabotaging these resources…They rightly should have been banned from these boards permanently, years ago.

I see they’ve desecrated this board again, with their indefensible, mouthy arrogance and lies…

Creepy sociopath rides again…BoyChat suffers the relentless abuse…

…What we need today…is the old-fashioned cogging, that used to keep this place at least useable and balanced, without allowing anyone to run rampant and unchecked.

I miss those days terribly.

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