The Endless Harassment of Dave Riegel: It’s a very old fight…

Date: November 22, 2014

Note: Whenever Dave Riegel posts on BoyChat, it is virtually guaranteed that his posts will be followed up by a parade of over the top [often tacky and tired] mockery, and vitriol of a style that is degrading to BoyChat [our community] itself, and fully uncalled for…I would suggest, at times it rightly would have warranted bans and post deletions…But, apparently, nobody who is capable is ever going to do anything about it.

This chronic problem on BoyChat has been posted, enquired and complained about, even protested on many, many occasions…but nothing ever changes…Maybe Dave has too many enemies in the online BoyLove community?

Here, we receive two perspectives, from two relative newcomers [Shrink Wrap and Eric Tazelaar]…And I think they make good points, ask good questions…and offer important feedback, as people who weren’t there at it’s genesis, and who have not spent a decade plus getting habitually dragged through this feud, again and again and again and again and again…and nausea.

…At times…BoyChat is worse than a bickering, old, married couple.

At times I ask myself…Can this collective grow up, and get past this petty nonsense for the betterment of BoyChat and it’s community?

I have lost a lot of faith in the integrity and human decency of various BoyChat participants, over this issue alone.

There is no forgiveness…and it’s an issue that just wont come to an end…Worse still, some seem to be taking a disturbing pleasure, out of their participation in all of this…

…And this is not what BoyChat, or being a decent BoyLover, is about.

From what I have seen…I would hope most of all, that no boy is ever subjected to the people behind these infantile campaigns against Dave…People with these ugly, petty, infantile and nasty character traits, are the last people who should be influencing any young person.

It is time for a number of people at BoyChat to take a long, hard look in the mirror…to realize they aren’t so pristine and perfect, themselves…Maybe, they have a lot to ask for forgiveness over…And maybe, it is finally time to bury this stupid, senseless and destructive fight?

It only serves to continue tearing BoyChat apart, and causing [or dragging on] hard and bitter feelings within the community.

…Link 1…

…Link 1…

“Otoh, is it really necessary to criticize this man’s work at every turn? Perhaps he is not the Einstein of the BL world, but he is getting this published which put us in a positive light.”

“Why do we cannibalize ourselves from the inside? There have been any number of people who have been absolute geniuses in one sphere while being perhaps horrible people in others.” – Shrink Wrap

…Link 2…

…Link 2…

“Regardless of the merit of Riegel’s work, there is another issue here which needs to be addressed: why is there an effort to personally degrade and humiliate him, by both posters identifiable and not, at every possible opportunity?” – Eric Tazelaar

…Link 3…

…Link 3…

“What it looks like to someone who has no familiarity with the history here is that they’ve just walked into a den of vicious, utterly ruthless villains. A kind of ‘Lord of the Flies’ for alleged grownups. It looks pretty twisted to anyone just arriving onshore.”

“I can tell you, I would never have guessed that there was any legitimacy behind any of this because, frankly, y’all have managed to totally de-legitimize them. ” – Eric Tazelaar

…And you are correct…This community [BoyChat] comes off looking generally horrendous, and embarrassing to someone like myself, because this feud is relentlessly drug out for the world to see.

…It’s pretty much an impermeable wall, getting in the way of whatever good communication and action might come.

The meat has rotted off of that dead horse, years ago…They are kicking dried up, brittle bones, today.

Considering how many years this has been going on…these offenses [real or perceived] are extremely old…

Many of us wish they would mercifully be left in the past, so that the present and future are no longer relentlessly haunted by them.

But obviously…too few people care what I think about this.

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