On Being: Islam’s Reformation…

Date: November 24, 2014

…On Being: Islam’s Reformation…

…Direct Download Link…

I’m not so sure this episode gets all that deep…and for sure, a number of commenters took issue with this episode…and not over trivial things. I would agree, this is not a hard hitting interview…It does not focus on various issues, which concern a lot of us…issues which a lot of us really wish we would see more informed discussion about.

This interview with Reza Aslan, mainly sticks with all the points which I think most of us can already agree upon…as in, they are obvious to any thinking, rational human being, who possesses some degree of social experience. There weren’t any really hard or inconvenient questions asked here.

…And the comments about atheists [or “the new atheists”]…while I appreciated them on some level, I do think it was unfair to equate “the new atheists” with merely tearing down what others have built.

I think, this episode may still be worth listening too.

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