The “Pedo-Run Government”…

Date: November 24, 2014

…Pedophile Rings Run the Planet – Alex Jones…

…Pedophile Rings Run the Planet – Alex Jones…

…’InfoWars’ YouTube Video…

The “Pedo-Run Government”…

…which is throwing pedophiles into prison, left and right…and perpetually inventing new excuses to imprison, cripple and demonize pedophiles…?…

I almost fell over, when I heard Alex mention gay sex [prostitutes]…because it seems, since he came online, he wont mention gays and lesbians in any way that directly disparages them…But if you knew him from his short wave radio days, you know he absolutely would not allow an episode to pass, without attacking gays and lesbians…usually, numerous times, in every single episode.

If Alex Jones were behaving today as he did during his short wave radio days…”Infowars” would be identified as a hate group.

This says an awful lot about his true resolve.

One thing to remember about Alex Jones, is that he attaches himself to whatever social issue [or phobia] is most easy to exploit in the moment, and distances himself from any issue that will gain him to much trouble…Which is why he just talks about the fringe government conspiracies, today.

One of the things Alex Jones built his reputation, persona, business [or whatever it happens to be] upon…is the intolerance and smearing of sexual minorities…including mainstream gays and lesbians.

Today…if you only know this guy from his YouTube videos, you would be hard pressed to know anything about that.

Alex tries to put himself over as a decent, on the level person…when he is not.

He will say anything, or refrain from saying something, depending on whether he thinks he can get away with it.

…And that, my friends, is not integrity.

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