Podcast: “Bill Cosby and the New Meaning of Integrity”…

Date: December 14, 2014

…061 MATTHEW ROZSA: “Bill Cosby and the New Meaning of Integrity”…

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Interesting podcast…

…Of course, Bill Cosby has been all over the news as of late…and for a painful, bitter reason.

You know…I could have sworn, that I’d typed down some rough notes of my thoughts on this…but I cant find them anywhere, so…I’ll just use this as a jumping off point, and see what all I can recall being on my mind.

As a social icon, I have always classed Bill Cosby as someone who is not exactly a Mister Rogers…but someone who is not so distant from Mister Rogers. He was a Saturday morning staple, with his show “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” in the 1970’s…This may have even gone into the eighties, I don’t remember…But I associate Bill Cosby with my childhood, and have always looked at him as a sort of kind and decent role model. He is iconic to me, in much the same way Mister Rogers was.

The last thing I ever thought, is that sixteen [or is it more, now?] rape and sexual assault allegations would come out of the woodwork, and make Bill Cosby fall from grace.

The allegation that Bill Cosby is [or was] a serial rapist, and that it had been going on for nearly half a century…that is just incredible…It is not something I want to believe…If it is true, then this is such a betrayal by Bill Cosby to a nation of loving fans [and his victims, of course]. It makes me ill, to watch this giant fall.

People have been talking for some time now…and it was really hard to believe the allegations early on…but as more and more women kept coming forward…I have to say, it is hard to believe all of them would be lying.

I know there were some marital infidelity allegations during the seventies…was he alleged to have been raping back then, also?

…And if so, then who all knew about it?…these so called “fixers”, who handled the payoffs of these women…Who were they?…Who did they work for?

You know…Bill Cosby was the sweetheart of NBC, during the eighties…Bill was their cash cow…and they made him wealthy…

How is it even possible, for NBC to have known nothing, and played no role in hushing things up?…I mean, one of the alleged rape victims was a person trying to get a role on “The Cosby Show”…NBC’s number one rated show, at the time.

This has had me thinking…Because you know…NBC is the same network that was airing the “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” series…where they were publicly exploiting, humiliating, demonizing and tormenting ephebophiles [those into teenagers]…This was a major scandal…It eventually blew up in the face of NBC [after it caused a suicide]…and many of us have considered NBC to be a vile, monstrous and inhumane corporation ever since it chose to do this…

…A company that will sink this low, almost certainly has some ugly skeletons in it’s own closet…I just never thought Bill Cosby would ever come falling out of that closet.

Does NBC…the same network that thought nothing of kicking and dehumanizing sexual minorities, have a history of long term harboring and covering for a serial rapist?…one who has a history spanning most of fifty years?

I do not want to believe that any of this is true…but if it is, then karma needs to smack the final nail into NBC’s coffin…It is time for reckoning.

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