Poisoning The Well: How Low Does Anonymous Go?…


Date: January 4, 2014

[Note: MAP = Minor Attracted Person]

There is no surprise in this…Since they have nothing tangible to attack me with, they make up lies and spread them.

From what I have witnessed, this is a typical tactic of the terrorist organization “Anonymous”.

…And just to show how intimidated I am by this “bombshell”…let me plunk it down in front of all of you, my dear readers…and let you contemplate what is being implied.

“They belong in prison cells. Terrorist organization anonys are.”, is a quote from me…It came from the singular contribution I made, to a rather long exchange on Twitter. Self identified “Anonymous” members were menacing a MAP [Holocaust22], making threats and behaving as though they were going to out him…typical, arrogant attempt at tormenting someone who is minor attracted.

Of course…as it turns out, they’ve got nothing…and it was all posturing…Again, this is typical…as their first goal is simply intimidation and bullying.

Anyway…the person who I featured in an earlier post decided to make the allegation, “EQF = convicted pedo”…

…She apparently even went so far, as to use [create?] another twitter account, just to make sure I would see this, by responding to herself with the additional innuendo that we MAPs involved in this exchange were terrorists.

To the latter insinuation I have one thing to say…

…”Anonymous” [just like various predecessors, in the pedophobic witch hunt] has a concrete, strident and well pronounced track record, of dehumanizing MAPs, harassing and threatening them in malicious ways, and working to destroy their lives. Often as retaliation, for doing nothing more than discussing social issues.

I, on the other hand, have no history of threatening or harassing anybody at all…If I were a terrorist…I would be the single most lousy terrorist the world has ever had…Because I don’t even engage in terrorism, of any form.

As to the other MAPs mentioned…Nobody is a terrorist, for simply speaking what is on their mind.

…The fact that anyone would ever take something so basic of a human right, as the mere exercise of speech, and claim it to be “terrorism” simply because it was engaged in by a MAP…that tells you a tremendous amount, about the incredulous nature of the accuser.

I simply try to engage and enrich the world, by building and adding both positive and necessary things within the cultural sphere I exist.

That is not terrorism…It is taking the hand of cards I’ve been dealt, turning them into a strength, plotting out a better path for this world, trying to help others work through their own pedophobia, and being a decent human being.

…I should be thanked…not scorned or abused.

…But some people have nothing of value to do with themselves, so they resort to behaving in the manner this “Anonymous” member has.

Regarding being a “convicted pedo”…let’s just focus on the innuendo, here…

I have never had any of the following happen to me:

a) Arrest for anything related to my being a MAP.
b) Legal interrogation for anything related to my being a MAP.
c) Criminal charges for anything related to my being a MAP.
d) Court trial for anything related to my being a MAP.
e) Conviction for anything related to my being a MAP.
f) Incarceration for anything related to my being a MAP.

Full disclosure of my criminal past:

…Now…I have gone through a phase in my life, many, many years ago…where I was young, got a little bit wild and stupid…and committed a petty infraction of the law…for which I was mortified to have gotten caught, and thoroughly ashamed of myself…I turned from those ways, rather quickly…Eventually, I came to the place in my life where I had to put this shame past me, understanding that we cannot be measured as human beings by isolated moments in our lives…understand that everybody has low moments in their lives…and understand that nobody can move on to something better, if they cant get a measured perspective on this type of thing.

Do I have a criminal record?…Yes…And it is extremely brief…Plus it has nothing to do with me being a MAP. I paid my restitution, suffered with the consequences…and it never saw the inside of a court room.

If you were wondering what sort of criminal I “am”…Well, that is it right there…And it is ancient history.

The insinuation that I am a “convicted pedo”, I believe is nothing more than a cats paw being thrown at me.

When “Anonymous” has nothing concrete to use against you…they just start making up lies about you, and spreading them to attack your integrity.

Like usual, “Anonymous” is bankrupt of integrity, substance and decency.

Potentially, they think they’ve identified me…and that identification is of someone all together different from me…Maybe they just refuse to believe, that someone who has not been prosecuted for anything of this nature, would willingly open themselves up to the public, in the ways I have…

…All that really matters, is that this behavior is consistent with the lack of integrity, which terrorist organizations like “Anonymous” are notorious for.

…They are all about sowing discord and dissension…as well as maliciously injuring other human beings.

In this instance…if they have to resort to this…then I am left with the sense, that they don’t even have anything with which to hurt me…They’re just trying to poison the well, and they are posturing.

– Steve Diamond


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