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Album: A Personal Affair


Date: January 6, 2015

A Personal Affair [25:06]

01) The Beginning [piano]

02) Adtesus

03) Wish You Were Here [e-guitar]

04) A Vast Wonder

05) Agaze

06) Forgotten [acoustic guitar]

07) Pontevedra

08) Unicorn Horn [piano]

09) Raven [acoustic guitar]

At 25 minutes and 6 seconds, A Personal Affair is now my second longest mini musical album. I am extremely pleased with this collection of music, as it is all quite well done…and a strong collection.

This is the most refined album yet…and the most personally relevant, in terms of song choices selected. I almost want to call this one my pinnacle…thus far [excluding the holiday album]…

Maybe with the exception of one…these are all carefully selected tracks, which represent facets of me…and a walk down memory lane…Most of these tracks reflect upon my personal life, in some way.

A Personal Affair:

01) The Beginning [piano] – This version of “The Beginning”, is a straight forward piano rendition. This song was a midi which played in the background at my website, “The Midnight Archives”. I always loved this song.

02) Adtesus – I don’t remember what exactly brought Adtesus to me…but it instantly clicked with my love for “chivalrous” fantasy style music…This is a flute version.

03) Wish You Were Here [e-guitar] – This has already been released, as a sentimental kind of gesture on IBLD…It is an electric guitar version of a song by Pink Floyd…One of my favorites.

04) A Vast Wonder – Beautiful track…”Celestial” music…One of the better, I’ve been able to put together.

05) Agaze – A tiny landmark…Nothing of this existed, not even as pre-recorded bits of music or midi patterns…I created this very simple, yet beautiful, piece of music. For me, this is a pure joy.

06) Forgotten [acoustic guitar] – Yes that is exactly what this is…a wonderful, acoustic guitar version of my favorite track from Final Fantasy 7. The abandoned shell city was one of my favorite places in the game…I love this song.

07) Pontevedra – The only track on this album which comes close to being “filler”…But that’s only because I did not put a whole lot into this one…It’s just a nicely stylish track, which fits into where I was going with this album. It sounds like “night club” music.

08) Unicorn Horn [piano] – I’ve had a midi copy of this since my early days on the internet, which I used in a very obscure project many years ago…and it is another one of my favorite “fantasy” style songs.

09) Raven [acoustic guitar] – An acoustic guitar rendition of the gorgeous song “Raven”…This one, is a bona fide piece of art…And it is one of my all time favorites, of my acoustic guitar tracks.

Quality wise, I don’t know if I am ever going to top this Album, but I’ve got a lot more good material in the cue…and a lot of other material to work with…So, the end is not in sight…And there will probably be another album or two, of a more personal nature…One day, I hope to craft an album of strictly personal music…Hopefully, it will be listenable.

The next album I release will probably have a relatively consistent theme, also…It should be good.

Yet another one is slated for later release…which also should be a good offering.

…Beyond this, I am likely to go back to releasing whatever decent music, I can manage to competently crank out.



Ring of Fire 12/21/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: January 5, 2015

…Ring of Fire 12/21/2014 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Published on Dec 22, 2014

00:45 – “Koch Brothers More Powerful Than You Think.” Howard Nations will tell us about the Koch brothers’ new plan to increase their influence over American politics. #KochProblem

10:31 – “What Can You Get When You Buy A Politician?” David TeSelle will explain the return on investment that corporations receive when they buy politicians. #BuyingCongress

19:07 – “The History of Corporate Fraud.” Mike Papantonio and Bobby Kennedy will discuss some of the biggest cases of corporate fraud against the government, and how whistleblowers help keep these corporations accountable.”