I’ve Removed Three Album Video Exhibitions from YouTube…


Date: January 9, 2015

Just to formally let readers know…I decided to delete three videos from my YouTube account.

H01) Songs of the Winter Château [Video Exhibition]

01) The Black List [Video Exhibition]

02) Diamonds are Forever [Video Exhibition]

To some degree, my uploading of those videos was testing the waters a bit.

I did not notice anything at all with the first two uploads, when I uploaded them…but the third, automatically got tagged with a “copyright claim”…

YouTube has this extremely creepy thing called “Content ID”…which automatically scans and compares whatever you upload, to a database of copyrighted material. I think what caught my videos, was simply an automated sort of thing…So, it did nothing in regards to my account standing…But I think it notifies claimed “copyright holders”, of the match.

Nobody filed a takedown notice…So, I am in no danger of strikes against my account…And I know for a fact, at least one of those claims was either a false positive, or an outright fraudulent claim [there were four in total, including one against a track which is mine, made with samples I hold a users license to. That anyone would make a copyright claim on that, is concerning].

Like I said…I think this was an automated thing, and nobody contacted me with complaints…Two of these videos were up for a month or longer…Presumably, the “copyright holders” knew of the existence of these videos…

I am just very uncomfortable with this situation, and having future plans for that YouTube channel, this is not a battle I wish to partake in…and I’m not even sure it was a battle, which is part of the problem…It is all very non-committal, “up in the air” sort of stuff…Anyone of them could simply make a “takedown demand”…or they could insert their own adds, and monetize my videos…Nobody did anything I am aware of…but what am I left to think, with three of my latest videos having “copyright claims” on them?…and nobody saying anything, either way?

I spent a good while reading around on YouTube’s website, trying to get a clear understanding on what all this means…I was assured that my account is still in good standing…But I did not like how easily it seems things could “go south” fast…Which is why I decided to simply delete the videos, before anything could progress.

I will keep these videos on my Vimeo account, however…And I will likely create Video Exhibition videos for the rest of my musical albums, uploading them to Vimeo.

I am in a state of contemplation, as to what to do regarding any music I use on YouTube…Of course, I started creating music because I wanted music to pad any podcast [or movie] I produced. I did all of this, to completely avoid copyright conflicts…Because I am not going to use copyrighted recordings of anything [unless I hold the copyright].

For the record…All music I release is unique and new recordings…even if some fraction of it is an alternate version of music that already exists, created by someone else…I mean, obviously, I did not create Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”…But that instrumental is substantially different from the original…Presumably, my version exists nowhere else [it certainly should not]…And it is a piece of homage, at that. It also does not compete with the original, in any meaningful way, nor eat into it’s profitability.

None of this is about money, for me…It’s a hobby, and about bringing something nice into the world, to be uplifting and healing…To make a connection.

I view what I do, as not substantially different from anyone setting in front of their webcam with a guitar, strumming out a tune and singing some version of their favorite, commercial music…And how many people on YouTube are doing that?…untold numbers.

At worst…maybe I am on uncertain ground for “making a derivative” of copyrighted music…I don’t know.

What I do know…is that I positively hate the way, that these vulture music companies have sunk their teeth into the music industry, and now throw their weight all over the place [including online]…This kills it, for all the small people who lack the resources to fight back.



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