‘Posting on BoyChat is a Privilage’…

Date: February 15, 2015

I should clarify a thing or two, about the atmosphere on BoyChat in which I made the following post…I will never speak ill of Melf [aka Maintenance Elf], and consider him a friend…But it has also been torturously clear, that for the last couple of years especially, nobody has really stepped up and enforced the rules of BoyChat [except in the most extreme and dangerous cases]. It is as if the Cogs [the administration and moderators] have been a non-existent group.

A hands off approach to moderating, in my opinion, has led to a state of anarchy on BoyChat…and if you know anything about BoyChat’s history, then you know there are some individuals who will absolutely refuse to reign in their own behavior…Some will relentlessly push the envelope and run rampant, until someone with the ability stops them.

The last few years in particular, have been an absolute heyday, for certain malcontents on BoyChat. Watching this relentless [and I would suggest, malicious] degradation of BoyChat, has been very hard and frustrating, especially given how much our collective community has poured into this resource over the decades…and given how much it means to us.

We have been unjustly dragged through some absolutely bat shit insane behavior and antics, of outrageous span and nature, over the last several years at BoyChat…And it is almost always caused, by this small group of a relentless few, who are perpetually and mercilessly importing unrest, bile and endless problems onto BoyChat and it’s community.

For some…their obvious reason for being at BoyChat, is to habitually attack the people there, and by extension, the resource itself.

…A lot of us older community members are war weary, and extremely fed up with this…to the point where we are outraged, that these purveyors of vulgar abuse and constant trouble, have been allowed to turn BoyChat [our virtual home, online] into such a disgraceful place, with such a dark cloud constantly hanging over it…warding off those who might otherwise be inclined to offer something good.

These people who have been hanging around for years upon years, who are obviously unhappy with BoyChat, but they wont just peacefully leave…instead choosing to poison the board endlessly…Someone needs to step up, and do something about them…You know…Like things used to be, way back. If someone was relentlessly causing problems on BoyChat, they would eventually be shown the door…Until recently, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see even a glimmer of that era return.

…BoyChat desperately needs it, now more than ever.

I have found myself greatly encouraged, by the obvious presence of at least two Cogs…who are actually enforcing rules now…This has me genuinely excited, and optimistic about the future of BoyChat.

For reasons I am not going to repeat…It has been on my mind quite a bit as of late, that some kind of change in the stewardship of BoyChat is inevitable…And I had made the logical leap, that because of this change in policy…some sort of change in stewardship was taking place.

…I mistakenly associated midnite with this change, thinking they might have managed to arm twist him into a figurehead “webmaster” position…due to his dramatic change in posting style…the maturity he was bringing back into it…He also called the Cogs “My Cogs”, in a recent post…

I will own this misconception, and not edit anything out of the original post…But I am explaining it, so that you can understand it.

While it is clear that Cogs are willing to stand up to bullies and put their foot down…It is unclear how far they are willing to go, to confront the root problem of bullies and unbridled sociopaths on BoyChat. I hope to see far more of this…We need Cogs with some moxie, who aren’t going to take any shit.

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

After years of unbridled anarchy on these forums [of the worst kind, existing at the detriment of Free Spirits]…this wind of change [what looks to be a changing of stewardship] is giving me hope for the future of FS and it’s resources.

A resource like BoyChat is like a living garden…Of course, if you leave it unattended, things will still grow…But if you want a useful and productive resource…you need to weed, prune and sometimes tare a whole plant up, casting it out…Otherwise, you wont have a place where people actually want to come.

…Thorn bushes may have their place in this world…but they have to be heavily tended…If they take over an entire place, then they alienate those who would otherwise be there.

“That the cogs should not feel the slightest obligation to account for their actions to a coward who would attack unsuspecting posters…ambushing them and devouring their happiness like a greedy wolverine….as he did yesterday.

Such a person obviously does not have the welfare of the people of this board in mind when he makes demands of OUR cogs to justify themselves.

Would any of you justify yourselves to a coward scoundrel who picks on, what he percieves, the weakest among you?….I doubt it…you would tell him to take a hike…even IF he was right.”

…I am pleased that someone with standing responsibility around here, has finally made a public statement like this.

This persons behavior, has been an ongoing, relentless trauma on these boards, for years…collectively, perhaps spanning as much as a decade. Nothing of true substance has resulted from this. It has been personally sickening, watching how they freely attack people here…and how they have imposed a cruel siege on BoyChat, over a relentlessly vast portion of the boards entire existence.

This board has shown that poster staggering degrees of tolerance, forgiveness and grace…just for them to habitually go back to their tired bag of tricks, and vile abuse.

…I can scarcely name another poster in BoyChat’s history, who rivals the reign of abuse [and intimidation, harassment…] this poster has successfully waged against the people here.

Many of us remember a day…when the phrase “posting on BoyChat is a privilege, not a right”, actually meant something…

…Maybe it is finally time, now that we have competent stewards of BoyChat who are willing to take their responsibility serious…that the weight of this phrase be given much more consideration?

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